Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th September 2020 Written Update: Mayura apologizes to Omkar on behalf of her father

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar’s mother tells Mayura that she needs to wakes up early in the morning because her husband likes to worship so she should also support him. Mayura says okay. Piyush says that Mayura should keep trying and gradually she will learn everything. While take stand for her and says do not disturb his wife.

 Piyush tells Omkar’s mother that Omkar has become alienation . Omkar’s mother does not like this thing but she does not let her anger get in her face. And asks Mayura to perform the kitchen ritual. Omkar says but Mayura should have no problem. Omkar’s mother says don’t worry, she will take care of Mayura. Omkar says okay.

Omkar’s father further asks his mother where the servants have gone. Then Omkar comes there and tells that from now on no male servants will work inside the house and only women will work. His father is shocked. There Piyush thinks that he will watch the video of marriage today and Omkar’s father also joins him.

There Omkar’s mother tells Mayura to make dumplings for Omkar because he loves it. Mayura says that she knows because she had already asked Piyush about Omkar’s choice. Omkar’s mother says it is good and asks her to start cooking. Omkar comes to the kitchen and looks at Mayura, when Mayura burns a fire and Omkar is shocked to see the fire. And he asks Mayura not to do the kitchen work.

Mayura asks why he is getting so worried, she says that it is normal to be in the kitchen. But Omkar still does not agree and takes her from the kitchen. Omkar’s mother try to stops Omkar. But Omkar says that Mayura will not do any kitchen work and he takes her from there. Omkar’s father notices all this and tells Omkar’s mother that she is responsible for all this because she has spoiled Omkar.

Mayura asks Omkar why he loves her so much and cares for her so much. She tells him that she is happy to know that he cares for her so much and she hugs him. There, Megha’s husband asks her where is she going. She tells him that he has married her but he does not even know that she is a lawyer and it is time for her to go to coat.

Megha leaves from there saying this. Her husband says that soon Megha will understand him. On the other hand, Omkar’s father gives Mayura a sutara and says that it is auspicious and with the help of this no evil can touch her. Omkar’s father thinks in his mind that according to Omkar, Mayura will need this sutara very much.

Mayura’s father learns more from Tinku and Sonu and knows that culprit wore golden colored shoes. He goes to Mayura’s house. And hears her scream and gets worried and goes to their room. And finds that Mayura was screaming because Omkar lifted her in the lap. He further tells Mayura that Tinku and Sonu were admitted to the hospital. And they told that the man who wore  golden shoes is responsible for their bad condition. He adds and Omkar is the one who wore the golden shoes. Mayura says that not only Omkar but all Baratis wore the same shoes because it was their theme. Further, Mayura apologizes to Omkar on behalf of her father. Episode end

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