Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th September 2020 Written Update: Omkar insults Manjari

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode start with Mayura is still depressed and crying. Omkar comes to her and says she has no need to cry. Mayura apologizes to Omkar for her father’s bad behavior. Omkar hugs her and says that he did not mind Asutosh words because elders has the right to scold younger. Omkar hugs Mayura and consoles her.

Omkar thinks in his mind that he will make every person away from Mayura who will make Mayura cry. There Piyush tells Asutosh that what happened to Rinku and Sonu in the wedding is very wrong and he will also try his best to punish main culprit. Next, Piyush thinks how he will know who is the real culprit. Then he remembers that he can find out by watching the wedding video but his phone falls into the water.

There, Mayura’s grandmother and her mother scold Asutosh for creating mess in Mayura’s house. Mayura’s mother tells Asutosh that their elder daughter is already unhappy and he wants to ruin their younger daughter’s happiness as well. Asutosh says he made a mistake so he will solve it. Then someone calls him and he pickup the call.

Mayura finds that her mother has sent her a message, in which she asks if she is happy and asks her to enjoy her muhdikhai ritual. She also tells her not to worry about Asutosh. Mayura is still depressed while Omkar comes there.

He ask her to smile and says that all will be well. He looks at Mayura. Mayura asks if he doesn’t want to go to work. Omkar says he does not feel like going because he wants to be near her. Both share romantic moments. Omkar prepares her for the function.

Next everyone is excited to meet Omkar’s wife. Some women say that they have heard that Mayura is very beautiful. One of which a woman says that no matter how beautiful a woman is, her beauty fades while doing household chores. Omkar overhears them and gets worried.

Then Muhundikhai’s function starts. All admire the beauty of Mayura. A woman says that Mayura is more beautiful than Manjari. Everybody laughs at it. That’s when Asutosh comes there. In the flashback, Manjari calls Asutosh and ask him to join the Muhdikhai function as she wants to take revenge. Manjari looks at Asutosh and thinks that she knew that he would definitely come.

Manjari goes to Asutosh and asks him to come inside. She notices the box of sweets in his hand and asks if she can put the sweets in the plate of the omen. Asutosh says yes of course. Manjari says can he put the sweets in the plate because she does not want to that servants touch the sweets.

 Asutosh agrees and puts the dessert on the plate. Manjari now asks him to take these sweets to Mayura. Asutosh does exactly what Manjari says. He starts going towards Mayura but collapses. Manjari is happy to see this.

Mayura becomes worried about her father. Then Omkar also comes there and notices everything. He tells Manjari how all this happened. And he scolds her. This make Manjari upset . Manjari further blames Mayura for Omkar’s misbehavior.

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