Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th February 2021 Written Update: Omkar and Mayura are going to become parents.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Will Omkar be able to show Kundan to Mayura before Neel changes his place?
Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Will Omkar be able to show Kundan to Mayura before Neel changes his place?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with few weeks being passed. Mayura and Omkar are doing puja and watchman comes and informs that there is a parcel delivery for Mayura. Mayura says it must be gifts she ordered for dadi’s birthday. She checks the gifts and likes them a lot, Omkar says he has ordered for eggless cake.

Mayura says she is very excited and wants to make dadi’s birthday very special. She says she is impatiently waiting for it be evening. Someone comes at the door and says daughter in law of house shouldn’t step out of in the evening. Omkar calls her guruma and takes Mayura to meet her. Omkar introduces her as a very famous astrologer in Banaras and tells her to take Guru Ma’s blessings. She says even though Mayura doesn’t know her,, Omkar and his parents have been taking her blessings since so long.

Guruma says his horoscope are saying that there is a huge danger hovering around him. He says he has both Mayura’s love and her blessings so nothing can happen to him. He says he doesn’t believe in horoscopes anymore. Mayura gets up to bring snacks for guruma but faints. Doctor checks Mayura and says this is serious condition. She writes down something and ask Omkar to buy those. When Omkar checks list its written to buy tamarind, raw mango, and such. He gets surprised. Doctor informs them that they are going to become parents. Mayura gets pleasantly surprised and blushes. Omkar and Mayura hug each other happily.

They go and inform guru ma that there is no danger but a good news. Mayura says she will go and inform dadi about this happy news in birthday party at night. Ma says that they shouldn’t neglect her prediction about danger. She says its not good for Mayura to go out at night. Mayura says she is sorry but she has to go to her dadi’s birthday. Guru Ma asks if she says apply tilak on her forehead. Mayura readily agrees. Guruma smirks while leaving.

Mayura and Omkar reach Mayura’s home, Omkar asks Mayura to be careful. They share a happy family moment. Mayura gifts dadi a small idol of Lord Krishna and Omkar shows a sash with Happy Birthday parnani written on it. She gets very happy. Ashutosh and Sulekha get glad and says after long happy news have come to their family.

Omkar says they should celebrate happily. All of them dance together happily. Suddenly Mayura gets tremor attack and Mayura faints. Everyone panics and Omkar gets a call from Guruma. She emotionally manipulates him to do whatever she says. Omkar gets very worried and believes Ma’s words. Later she thinks the tilak she had put on Mayura’s forehead did the work and smirks.

Doctor says that she didnt find anything abnormal in Mayura’s condition and writes down some tests. Next day Omkar prepares a surprise breakfast for Mayura. They share a lovely moment. Omkar says now he will decide all her menus and that she shouldn’t do anywhere and just take rest. Mayura feels so overwhelmed with his love. Omkar says he felt as happiest person when Mayura came to his life but now he feels more happy with the news of child. Mayura says this child will make their life complete.

Mayura finds a ring on the table. Omkar says Ma has given this for safety of their baby. Omkar think he can do anything to keep his baby safe. Mayura thinks if this superstitious belief will change Omkar back to his previous self.

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