Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 27th August 2020 Written Update: Marriage alliance for Megha?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 27th August 2020 Written Update on

Omkar returns the ID card to Mayura and she sees the scar on his hand. She asks if he is fine, he says he will become fine. She says she knows he is angry with her, he says he is not angry but happy with her. She says she will not repeat the mistake ever, he thanks her for breaking him, his statue. It was not made well, now he got a chance to make better statue. He tells her they will meet soon.

Megha and family come to a marriage function. Megha says Mayura escaped in the name of college, they could have left her too. Her mother says Mayura mingles with everyone, but she doesn’t. Two ladies come there and say very few came to the marriage fearing Corona virus. Megha says they have to fear. They ask about Megha’s marriage. A lady says she knows a boy in village, Megha says she is a lawyer. Lady taunts her saying she is not beautiful like Mayura and leaves. Megha tells her mother she avoids functions for this reason and leaves angrily.

Omkar brings his hand closer to Mayura, she tilts back. He removes something from her hair and leaves. Mayura’s Mom calls her and tells her to come home urgently. She comes home tensed and asks what happened. Her father gives her water and asks how was the college function. She quickly says she messed it up by breaking Omkar’s statue, its not that important. She asks him to tell the matter. He says her uncle saw a marriage proposal for Megha, boy’s family are coming this evening but Megha’s mood is off.

Megha is staring at the window outside sadly. Suddenly flowers fall on her and music plays. Mayura comes there disguised as groom. She dances and family joins her. They all try to lift her mood. But she is angry and asks them not to keep fake hopes. Mayura tells her to keep the belief alive. She shows thumbs up drink and says its lid will not go to her box. Megha finally agrees to meet the boy.

Mayura is going out to avoid coming in front of boy’s family. Her father asks her not to go as they can’t hide her forever. She says let the alliance get fixed first, she will meet them later. Megha comes there and hears it. She is sad Mayura is leaving but she doesn’t stop her. When Mayura is about to open the door to go out, someone knocks it. They say they came for alliance. Mayura tells Megha she will hide in their room and won’t come outside.

Both the families exchange pleasantries and praise each other, boy’s mother tells to let the boy and Megha talk for sometime alone. Her father says Megha to take the boy to her room by mistake. Her mother covers it up and asks them to go upstairs as Mayura is in their room.

Omkar prays to god and writes haldi on bangles. His mother comes there and asks what is he doing. He tells her to go to Mayura’s home with marriage proposal. She says she will go but before that won’t they talk to each other. Omkar says what is there to talk, he decided to marry, he will. She says she will go tomorrow as Pandit said tomorrow is good day. He says he doesn’t have Mayura in his fate according to Pandit. He drew his fate line, he will decide the Mahurat. He tells her to go now as this is the best time.

Megha and the boy go up and she collides with him and tea falls on his shirt. She says sorry and asks him wash it in sink. Mayura is in the room next to sink. Megha worries what if he sees Mayura.