Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 28th August 2020 Written Update: Omkar’s father creates ruckus

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 28th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manjari telling Omkar that she is his mother and she wishes everything good for him. She says why not they do everything in the right manner, they shall take Narmada maiya blessings today and go to Mayura’s home tomorrow. Its just a matter of one day. He agrees.

Kundan praises Megha’s room, Mayura is hiding under bed. She puts cotton in her ears and signals good luck to Megha. He says he is civil engineer and earns 7,000. Its less than what she earns as lawyer. He won’t stop her from working after marriage. He will feel proud of his lawyer wife. Megha feels happy listening his words. She feels special as first time someone is giving so much importance to her. Mayura’s leg touches iron box by mistake and she shouts in pain.

Kundan hears the sound and sees under bed. Megha is tensed. Mayura comes out, Megha introduces her as younger sister. Mayura apologizes for her childish behavior, she thought to surprise them, its all her mistake and Megha doesn’t know about it. Megha applies balm on Mayura’s leg, Kundan tells her to be careful as she has to dance in her sister’s wedding. Megha feels happy. Mayura thanks God and thinks to go to Narmada Ghat.

Omkar is stuck in traffic, he calls someone and tells to repair road. Mayura’s chunri falls on him, he stares at her lovingly. He moves forward to her but stops on seeing a burnt mark on her leg. He thinks he will not let anything decrease her beauty.

Mayura and Megha return home. Mayura gives prasad to family. Dadi is happy and tells after doing Megha’s marriage, they can easily do Mayura’s marriage also. Someone knocks the door, Mayura opens and sees the doctor in PPE kit. Everyone comes there and say they haven’t called for any doctor.

The doctor says someone paid the fees in the hospital and asked to visit. He didn’t say the name, so maybe he is their well-wisher. Omkar is in car waiting outside their home. He thinks he sent the city’s top doctor. One more person comes and gives Mangoes. Megha says she understood whose work is this. She told Kundan she loves Mangoes. He also saw Mayura’s injury and was worried. He might have sent Doctor and Mangoes.

Dadi says they found a very good boy. Mayura says Jiju is so good. She loves Mangoes and tells her sister to thank Jiju on behalf of her too. Megha calls Kundan and thanks him for remembering her words and his concern for her family. Omkar calls someone and says to keep eye on Mayura, he has to know about her every action.

Omkar comes to his home and broken glass falls in front of him. His father is shown arguing with his mother for drinks. She requests him to stay calm as Omi came. He says, so what, should he fear for him? I am his father, he is not my father. He calls Omkar to come and touch his legs, he came home after 15 days from Bhopal. He says Omkar made every one katputli.

Everyone has to do what he says. He doesn’t even let him drink. Omkar takes his blessings. He blesses him to be happy and also let them live. He slips and about to fall but Omkar holds him and says he wishes to make his father owner from servant. He also has to co-operate a bit. If he behaves this way, their servants won’t respect him. He says there is a difference between owner and servant. He tells his mother to take his father inside. His father says he lived on his wishes as servant. But after becoming owner, Omakr made them his ghulam. He says to remember one thing, love and birds can’t be caged.