Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 28th December 2020 Written Update: Mayura leaves Omkar’s house

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 28th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura rebuking Omkar for being blind in his hatred game and is misunderstanding Mayura. Omkar shouts and says he is right but it’s Mayura’s revenge game that’s wrong . Mayura tells him to stop and understand what she is saying. Omkar says he will help Mayura to take revenge. He says he will answer brick with brick, pain with pain and scar with scar. He goes hysteric and keeps lecturing Mayura.

He picks up something and says now he will fulfil her revenge. Mayura says she isn’t able to understand what he is trying to say. Omkar says he will give pain in return of pain, enemity in return of enemity and a mark for lifetime in return for the mark which he had given her for lifetime. Mayura is shocked. Omkar starts hurting himself but Mayura screams and stops him. She says he never understood her. Omkar says why did he stop her.

Mayura says cannot he understand why is she there after all the emotional torture, all the pain and everything. He cannot understand her at all. Mayura goes on saying about she never wanted to harm Omkar or take any revenge. She says she only wanted to make him realize his mistake and make him understand what one feels when they go through pain.

She gives him emotional speech and rebukes him saying she can never be like him. She can never stoop so low that she will try to kill him. She goes on saying and crying. She says now she cannot do this anymore. Mayura says she can never become like Omkar who enjoys by giving pain to others. She leaves from there. Omkar comes out too. Do pal ki plays in background.

Manjiri sees the blood on Omkar’s face and asks if Mayura hurt him, Omkar doesn’t say anything and leaves. Ashwaria thinks she cannot understand the relationship between Omkar and Mayura if it’s love or hatred.

Mayura breaks the seven coconuts which Omkar had placed earlier and says now she has broken all their ties between them and now he doesn’t need to wait till new year for her to leave. She says she is going to leave him and his house forever. Shankar asks her where she is going. Omkar tells him not to stop her as she has to leave someday so let her leave right now at the sometime.

Shankar tells Omkar he is making a mistake. Mayura tells him not to stop her, she says she will always be happy with fact that even though house doesn’t have place for her, Shankar gave her place in his heart. Mayura says goddess that now everything is in her hands and leaves the house. Manjiri gets very happy and tells Ashwaria they will purify the whole house now. Ashwaria thinks now real danger to Omkar’s life will start. Omkar keeps recalling Mayura’s words.

Ashwaria tells Omkar to plan newyear party. Omkar starts shouting at her and tells her to leave. Shankar tells Omkar that he is missing Mayura just like fish struggles without water. Omkar calls Ashwaria and says she wanted to celebrate new year so now they will celebrate everyday. Sankar tells him that he can keep celebration but not enjoy it. Omkar says no one can stop him. Mayura cries infront of goddess idol.

Some lady comes there and tells Mayura that she needs to become guard to protect the one and do her work. Mayura says her doubts but the lady makes her understand that she must do her duty and offers her Prasad wrapped in paper. In the same paper there is advertisement for Manish missing and that he is a thief. She gets shocked.

Precap – Omkar and Ashwaria dress up in different costumes for party. Ashwaria thinks she will surely end Omkar in the party. While Mayura says in the party it will be Ashwaria and Manish’s end.

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