Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th October 2020 Written Update: Omkar ties Mayura in handcuffs

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar applying moisturizer to Mayura’s hands. He says her hands are so dry but he will take care of her. Mayura feels disgusted and asks him if he has ever loved her. He says he loves her every moment. He has bought imported creams for her, sarees from Kolkata and Banaras so that she feels comfortable in those good quality clothes.

He says her he can’t bear if she gets even a little rash. He tells her he fell for her when he saw her face for her first time. He had decided he will make Mayura his. He says all this is way of loving . Mayura looks at him. She says this isn’t way of loving. He carries her to cage and tells her to sleep.
Mayura thinks Omkar’s definition of love made her decision to run away more stronger.

Ashutosh panics and says he wants to free Mayura from there. Sanjay tells him it’s useless to go now. Megha tells Mayura has made their life hell. Sanjay shouts at her and says her to speak well, if she can’t do anything atleast pray for Mayura as she is already suffering a lot there.

Megha goes out from there irritated. Sanjay tells Ashutosh that Piyush is on their side, he has been acting so that Omkar doesn’t kick him out. Megha left her phone and is shown coming towards them. But she doesn’t hear their plan. She leaves. Sanjay tells Ashutosh about Narmada Puja.

At mansion, Piyush asks Omkar about Narmada puja. Omkar says he won’t go for Puja this year. It’s his special day with Mayura and goddess Narmada will understand him. Manjiri brings a box and gives to Omkar. He opens it and pair of handcuffs is shown. Mayura panics and is beyond shocked.

He tells not to worry as it’s velvet and won’t hurt her. She pleads him not to tie her in cuffs. She says she does whatever he says why is he doing this. He says this is to make sure she doesn’t even try to run away. Shankar comes and signs Mayura about the nutcracker he had given her. Omkar then says her, he won’t tie her alone and then ties a handcuff to her hand and other to his own. He wears the key as a locket.

Omkar and Mayura are beautifully dressed, he brings her to beautifully decorated hall. There is a huge cake. Manjiri and Piyush are there too.

He says her it’s one month anniversary of their marriage. It’s the say when one month back they became MayKar from Mayura and Omkar. He tells her she may have forgotten the date but he didn’t. Manjiri goes on praising Omkar and tells Mayura to smile. Mayura thinks no one should get husband like Omkar.

Omkar tells Mayura to cut the cake, then Omkar feeds a piece of it to her. Manjiri tells Mayura to feed Omkar too. Omkar feeds cake to Piyush and Manjiri. Omkar gifts her a necklace and tells it’s not as beautiful as her. But if she wears it, it’s beauty will be enhanced. Mayura looks at key hanging in Omkar ‘s neck and thinks she needs the key and not the necklace. He makes her wear the necklace. They dance romantically on Kabhi Na kehna Alvida. Omkar is very happy.

Sanjay and Ashutosh see something on their phone and think how did this happen. Megha thinks if she knows their plan she will inform Omkar. Mayura tells Omkar she is feeling thirsty. While going toward table, she picks up a candle. She trips and falls down along with Omkar. Manjiri tries to go to them but Piyush distracts her. Shankar looks from above and thinks Piyush is doing well by distracting her.
Mayura carefully takes print of key on the candle and signs Piyush about it. Next morning she thinks Piyush should come soon.

Precap – Omkar thinks he will make Mayura fall asleep and then start his meditation. He goes and gets shocked seeing empty cage. Mayura is shown hiding.

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