Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th September 2020 Written Update: Asutosh feels that there is something strange in Omkar.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manjari tells Mayura that she is going for Pagafare but she should come back before evening. Omkar’s father says that  she is going to her maternal house for the first time after marriage, then she should enjoy it properly.

 Manjari says she is also sending very expensive gifts for her family. Then Omkar comes there and starts talking sweetly to Mayura. Mayura says she has good luck that she has a husband like Omkar. Omkar’s father is ashamed to see their romantic moments. Manjari says why is he doing such strange movements. He says because he is ashamed.

Everyone laughs on him. Piyush says can he also go with them. Mayura says yes of course. But then Piyush refuses and thinks that he has to find out about the scandal in the wedding. Manjari then asks them to leave. They starts going and Omkar thinks that he will perform this ritual in his own way.

After some time, they reach Mayura’s house. Megha also comes there with Sanjay. She gets jealous when she sees Mayura comes in a big car. While Mayura is happy to see her. She goes to Megha and hugs her and says she missed her a lot. And she was also very excited to meet her and other family members.

 There Manjari shares with her husband how Omkar has gone mad after Mayura. She says if Mayura finds out the truth about Omkar, it will become big mess. Omkar’s father says that if this happens, it will be fun. Manjari says what the hell is he saying. Omkar’s father says he was only talking about tea that if he get such tea again, it will be fun.

Mayura’s family gives a warm welcome to both the couples. Sanjay says that he will now go for work and takes farewell from them. But Omkar says that he will not go. Mayura says that if he does not go, then everyone will pay attention to him and she will not be able to spend time with her family. Omkar says that he understood that her family takes him as son-in-law and not as son.

Mayura says that if he thinks like so then he can stay. Omkar smiles. Further, Asutosh tells his wife that he will no longer be able to meet her daughter well due to Omkar. His wife says that she understands his feelings but Omkar loves Mayura very much which should be enough for them. Asutosh nods. Still, Asutosh feels that there is something strange in Omkar.

There Manjari keeps Omkar’s medicines in the locker. Omkar’s father asks why is she doing this. She tells that Mayura is going to be a doctor and so she has to keep it all hidden. So that she never knows the truth of Omkar.

Aasutosh brings Jalebiya to his daughters. Megha and Mayura are very happy. She shares with Omkar how her father always made name Jalebiya for her. Omkar does not know his name in Jailbi, so he makes his name himself and tells Mayura how good they look together. Mayura nods her head in yes.

 Mayura’s father then give her sari as a gift. Which Mayura likes very much. But Omkar does not like that cloth and he stops Mayura from accepting it. And says that according to the custom of their house, Mayura cannot take anything from her maternal home. Everyone feels strange about Omkar.

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