Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Mayura faints during her Sangeet Ceremony past

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Naina’s haldi ceremony, she is happy while Omkar is still in dilemma. Bela warns Mayura to stop her stubbornness and get ready for Sangeet ceremony, she even says Dai Ma will lose her job if Mayura don’t get ready on time. Mayura says she will keep waiting for her Omkar. Omkar and Naina have a hearty talk. Omkar says he is afraid to lose her friendship. Naina tells him to be assured that she will support everything he decides.

Omkar receives text from Mayura to visit Jabalpur soon. Omkar’s mother asks him to sit for haldi ritual. One guy amongst the guest asks Omkar if he has been to Jabalpur as he had seen his photograph there. Omkar denies. Man says he might have been mistaken. After the ritual is done, Omkar’s mother gives him knife and tells it will cut off all evil eyes from them. But accidentally Omkar’s palm gets a cut, which makes him recall how he had cut his palm in the past for Mayura. He gets confused. Ishan and Vishakha come to Mayura’s house for Sangeet ceremony.

Omkar’s mother gives him his sherwani and tries to make him understand that Naina is the best for him. She tells him that even Mayura is getting married so he should forget her. Omkar just nods in agreement. Later Omkar thinks he needs a sign to confirm if he is doing right or not. He hears passersby chatting name of Goddess Narmada. Omkar’s mother comes to his room to give something, but finds his sherwani on bed with note that he is leaving and cannot get married unless he finds out his own identity. She feels distressed.

At Mayura’s home, Vishakha smirks at Mayura and tells her that she has heard from Ishan Mayura dances very well. Mayura says she will surely dance but only for her Omkar. While on other hand Omkar comes to Jabalpur. A pedestrian asks him address of certain place and he says it. Omkar gets confused thinking how did he know the address when he has himself come to Jabalpur for first time and hopes he gave the correct address. He sees Sangemarmar Sartaj name board on the factory and starts getting flashbacks.

Vishakha’s men are keeping an eye on Omkar and informs her about Omkar being there in Jabalpur. She asks them to kill him. An old man sees Omkar and runs away saying its not possible. Omkar sees his past birth picture hanging on wall with garland on it. He gets shocked. He further visits Mayura’s and his home in past birth and gets lots of memories which make him feel stressed and he faints. Mayura keeps dancing and faints too. Vishakha’s men are about to harm Omkar but group of old men recognizes Omkar as Sartaj and thinks to help him. While doctor tells Mahesh to call Omkar which will make Mayura feel better soon. The episode ends with both Omkar and Mayura lying unconscious and Vishakha thinking that she cannot allow them to unite again.

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