Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Omkar’s secret revealed in front of Megha

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar takes a sharp stone and says that guruji had earlier said that he does not have a girl like Mayura in his life and now he is saying that Mayura will slip from his hand. Omkar says that earlier he had built his own line of hand to get Mayura and now he will make another line to capture Mayura.

Omkar takes the stone and cuts off his hand and says that Mayura is now imprisoned in his hand. Guruji is shocked to see this. He tells Manjari that Omkar’s mind is damaged and they should get it treated.

Gururji says that he wants to say only one thing before leaving and that is that the beauty of Mayura will become a curse for him and Mayura. Saying this, Guruji leaves from there. Omkar says that Guruji came and disrupted the puja and for this reason Mayura’s health also deteriorated. He says but still he will worship.

Manjari says that but Mayura’s health is bad and she does not think that it would be right to worship at this time. Omkar says that he cannot delay the worship and that he will continue to worship at any cost today. T

hen Piyush comes, he informs Omkar that he has to go to see Sangamar’s sample. Omkar says he cannot go today. Manjari says that he should not need to worry about here and go to check the sample . Omkar says okay.

Omkar leaves the house to check sample only when he finds Sanjay on the way. He apologizes to Omkar for coming late. Omkar tells him that those who do not care about time, they cannot achieve anything in life. Sanjay once again apologizes to him.

There Manjari sees that Megha has also come with Sanjay. She treats Megha like servants. Megha says that her husband will be a servant to her but she is not her servant. Megha then asks where is Mayura. Manjari says what work does she have with Mayura. She says she only wants to meet her. Manjari says that she can’t meet her at this time.

 Megha says that this is her sister’s house and she cannot stop her like this. But even when Manjari insists more, she says that fine she will meet her later. But Megha finds something strange. And she decides to meet Mayura secretly.

Megha goes to Mayura’s room and finds that Mayura is sleeping. She thinks that Mayura never sleeps in evening then why is she sleeping today. She tries to wakeup Mayura when Manjari comes there. Megha hides upon seeing Manjari. Manjari purifies Mayura’s room and says that it will be great if Mayura just slept like this till the end of puja. Megha who is hiding there thinks what kind of puja Manjari wants to do.

When Omkar is checking the sample of Sangmarr, he does not like some samples and asks to bring other samples. Sanjay asks Omkar if he can go home now. Omkar says yes. Then Omkar gets a call from Manjari, she asks Omkar when will he come.

 Omkar tells her that he will come soon. That is when the man who is showing Omkar the sample  finds that Sanjay is not seen and he thinks that if Sanjay is not here, Omkar will not be there either. And he locks the door and. When Omkar comes there after talking to Manjari, he sees that he is locked up. He looks at the time and finds that it is 9 o’clock and the time for worship is about to begin.

There Manjari thinks why Omkar has not come yet. At the same time Manjari feels as if someone is watching her. And this is Megha who is watching her. There, Omkar breaks the door and reaches his home. But he comes 1 minute late. But Manjari hides this from him so that he does not feel sad.

Omkar does penance for Mayura so that his beauty will be his forever. And Megha is shocked when she sees all this. She says that Omkar is a psycho. Megha says that now she will create more trouble in Mayura’s life through Omkar. Episode end.

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