Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th September 2020 Written Update: Omkar is angry with Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Piyush calls Omkar and says he should come soon. Omkar says he cannot come as he can’t leavr Mayura here alon. Piyush says but she is in her maternal house, then what is the need to worry. Omkar says but still he cannot leave her alone. Piyush says but if he did not come then they will face loss of millions.

Omkar says he doesn’t care about the loss, he only worries and care about Mayura. He hangs up the phone. Piyush says he will not allow Omkar to suffer loss at any cost and will manage everything. There, Mayura shares good moments with Megha. She asks is she happy. She adds that Omkar told that Sanjay is a very good guy and hopes that she is happy. Megha does not say anything.

While someone is knocking at the door. Mayura opens the door. And sees Omkar in front of her. Megha leave them alone. And Omkar and Mayura share a romantic moment. Later the light goes out. Omkar gets irritated by this and he makes Mayura and her family sit in an Ac car so that Mayura is not disturbed by the heat. He tells them to talk in the cool air of AC.

There, Manjari is roaming around in tension . Her husband asks what happened. She tells that Omkar is at Mayura’s house and she fears that something might go wrong. She prayers that no one gets to knows the truth of Omkar because if it happens then a big problem will arise.

Grandmother says Omkar did very well by making  them sit in the car. She tells Mayura she has found a very good husband. Asutosh calls the electricity department and asks about the light. Department people informs him that the electricity will remain disconnected till night.

Asutosh says when the light does not come till night, then what is the benefit of sitting in the car. He advises everyone to get out of the car. Everyone gets off the car. But as soon as Mayura starts descending, Omkar locks the car and takes her from there to his house. Everyone gets shocked.

Further, Mayura is upset with Omkar. Omkar says is she angry just because he brought her from her maternal house. He says that he could not see her being disturbed in the heat, so he brought her back. Omkar asks her can’t she even understand that he did all this so that she does not get disturbed in this hot weather.

 He gets angry with Mayura and leaves. Manjari comes to Mayura. She says she listened to them and she knows what caused the fight. She tells Mayura that Omkar only cares about her so he brings her back. She adds that she is lucky to have a husband like Omkar who cares for her so much. She says and because of this she should not annoy Omkar in the least. Mayura understands her point.

 Asutosh shares with his wife that he finds Omkar’s behavior strange. His wife says that Omkar just cannot see Mayura in trouble, so he took her from here, in which there is nothing strange. But Asutosh still doubts Omkar’s behavior. Here Piyush gets the wedding video and informs Asutosh about it.

Mayura realizes her mistake and apologizes to Omkar. She says that Omkar cares for her so much but still she annoys him. She says what happened if she could not stay at her father’s house today. She will stay in her maternal home for 2 days next time. To which Omkar says no, she will not go alone and if she goes then he will also go with her. Episode end.

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