Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st August 2020 Written Update: Omkar’s strange behaviour!

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st August 2020 Written Update on

Mayura is threading eyebrows for Megha. She feels someone observing her, Omkar’s man hides. Dadi tells Mayura to bring fruits, Megha tells her to bring Kundan’s favorite fruits, everyone tease her.

At Omkar’s home, Manjiri praises Piyush that he left all works to handle Omi’s property work. He sits for breakfast. Omi’s father comes feeling guilty, Omkar takes his blessings, he tells sorry to Omkar. Omkar says he is also sorry. If his father really feels Sorry, he has to change his behavior. Omkar says his daughter in law is going to come. And he has to be best father in law to Mayura. Omkar’s spy calls him and tells that Mayura left to market. Omkar stops eating and hurriedly leaves. His father says he babbled something in drunken state yesterday. But he is conscious now and tells Omkar’s controlling nature will ruin everything one day. Manjiri asks him if he will ever say positive for Omkar. He says Omkar is his son too and he is concerned for him.

Mayura sees sanitization being done very affectively at market, she wonder if any politician is coming this way. She chats with a vegetable vendor and Omkar comes there. He dreams of her coming towards him and twirling, music plays. He holds her and both have a romantic moment. He comes out of dream hearing a guy teasing Mayura. Omkar proceeds angrily but Mayura ignores the guy and comes in Omkar’s direction.

She sees Omkar and calls him, he stops and smiles. She asks what is he doing in this small market and if the sanitization is being done for him. He says no its being done for you, he covers it as for u normal people. He says Sorry Mayura in his heart for calling her normal, she is very special. She again tells sorry for that statue incident, he says whatever happens, happens for good. She says even if bad thing happens, good people like him will make it good.

The guy calls Mayura again and and asks her to talk to them too, Omkar gets angry and moves towards them, Mayura stops him and says they have to ignore dogs barking. She gets call from her mother, she says she has to go home quickly and bids him bye. Omkar says he can drop her to home but she says she will go. Omkar thinks he will meet her again in the evening for marriage alliance. He thinks he will never let her come to these dirty places again.

Megha feels sad seeing thumbs up coin box and recalls all the taunts she faced. Her mother comes and asks her to forget what happened in the past. Megha says she trusts Kundan but not her fate. Her mother prays to God.

Omkar is arranging the guys marriage. They apologize him for teasing Mayura. They say she is like their sister and he is their Jija ji. Dogs comes as brides. Omkar tells them to take care of their brides. He thinks Mayura is mine, no one else has permission to see her.

Celebrations happen at both Mayura and Omkar homes. Kundan’s family come for engagement, Manjiri is dancing and they all prepare to go to Mayura’s home with marriage proposal.

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