Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd August 2021 Written Update : Omkar recalls his past birth completely

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura waking up worried for Omkar’s safety. She tries to call Omkar but cannot talk to him so she calls his mother. She scolds Mayura and tells that because of her Omkar has run away from his marriage and asks her to stay away from him. Mayura gets worried and thinks where did Omkar go. Naina’s mother asks Omkar’s mother if its true that Omkar has gone somewhere and curses them for hurting Naina and ruining her life. Naina comes there in simple clothes and tells its not Omkar’s fault. He had texted her before leaving.

Naina tells it was always Mayura for him and it was their mistake to force him to get married to Naina. Omkar’s mother wishes Naina should get a partner who loves her a lot. Vishakha barges in Mayura’s room and takes her phone away. She hugs Mayura forcefully and tells her that Omkar is in Jabalpur and won’t return back from there. At Jabalpur, Omkar gains consciousness and also recalls his past. He sees group of old men who saved him. They address him as Sartaj. Omkar says he cannot rest until he punishes Vishakha and he needs to go to Mayura asap.

Dai Ma asks Mahesh if she can take food for Mayura but he denies. But when Ishan insists, he allows DM and Bela to go and give food to Mayura. Mayura denies eating anything. Dai Ma tries to sign her about the food plate and says she cannot help her much but can just bring food for her. After Bela and DM leaves, Mayura finds phone kept inside the chapati in the plate. She gets very happy and immediately contacts Omkar.

Omkar and Mayura have an emotional conversation and Omkar asks her to take care till he comes there. Mayura informs him about Vishakha’s goons following him. Vishakha’s goon shoot but misses the shot, Mayura gets worried as she hears the noise. Omkar keeps running and those men keep following him. On other hand Vishakha provokes Mahesh and asks him to get marriage preponed. He says but he has sent all the invitations. Vishakha indirectly threatens him about factory funds and tells to get married done asap. Bela teases Ishan that he is blushing.

Omkar gets shot and Mayura gets heartbroken seeing that on videocall. Vishakha gets a text from his men that Omkar is dead. She gets very happy. Bela asks her if she got some good news as she is smiling a lot. Vishakha says yes she got it. Vishakha tells Ishan to go to car and she will come after meeting Mayura.

Vishakha comes to Mayura’s room and sees her sitting distraught on the floor. She tells him that she had thought she will give her news herself but seems Mayura already knows it. The episode ends with Mayura telling that Omkar cannot die as she is still alive and they will definitely reunite.

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