Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Update: Mayura’s family in trouble

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Update on

People are chanting Piyush’s name, he is making an art from wastage things. People praise him for doing unimaginable things. Mayura pacifies Dadi telling she will also get some one suitable for her. Omkar is not her type. She stands in balcony and feels when will people realize beauty is in freedom.

Piyush tells he sees beauty in everything. He get Manjiri’s call and she shouts on him for not lifting her call. She tells Omi got rejected by the girl and orders him to come soon. He tells he will by next morning. There’s no flight or train now, he will drive from Bhopal to Jabalpur and come. He is leaving and his colleague asks how can he go, he is getting best employee award tomorrow. He says no award is important than Omkar bhaiya for him.

Manjiri feels she has to handle Omi till tomorrow morning, then Piyush will come and settle things. Omkar sees Mayura live video in his room. He says she will come to him, he is just waiting for tomorrow morning.

Mayura’s professor tells her attendance is less, so she can’t write final exam. She says how can it happen, she will talk to principal. He says its happening with principal consent only. Mayura’s father is suspended from his job. Shop keeper tells Mayura’s mother that he can’t give her the things. Dadi is not allowed to go inside temple. Megha is removed from her job. Whole family come home and hear people shouting. Few men come to Mayura’ home and tells them to empty the house as they have orders to break the house.

Dadi scolds Mayura, its all happening coz she rejected Omkar. Its dangerous to have enemity with big people. Mayura is angry and is going to meet Omkar. She sees a boy on the tree asking for help. She tries hard to save him and mud is applied on her face in the process. She shouts for help, the boy is about to fall down but Piyush comes and holds him. Boy thanks him and goes away. Mayura is also about to fall and Piyush holds her too. She thanks him.

He says he has to help beautiful girls like her. She gets angry and asks if he won’t help her if she is not pretty. He says sorry, he didn’t mean it that way. He called her beautiful as she tried to save the boy without caring for her life. She says good try and leaves. She sees her face with mud strains in water and feels if he said truth. She feels happy as this world has good people unlike Omkar. Omkar feels time is up, who is stopping Mayura from coming to him.

Piyush meets Omkar and hugs him. He tells Maa ji called and told everything and asks about the girl. Omkar feels Mayura will come here, he has to send Piyush away. He tells Piyush to go and meet Sanjay bhaisaab and leave the girl’s matter to him.

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