Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th August 2021 Written Update : Omkar’s life gets saved by sages

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dai Ma consoling Mayura, however Mayura feels confident that Omkar is safe. She says that even though she saw herself but still her heart feels Omkar is safe. Vishakha insists of getting the rituals done asap. Omkar’s mother and Naina comes to Mayura’s house. She asks them if they had done something to Omkar as he is missing. Naina gets shocked seeing Vishakha and asks what is she doing there. She says Omkar was right when he was suspicious about her. Vishakha tries to change the topic and leave from there before getting caught.

Naina and Omkar’s mother warns Sachin and Mahesh. Later Sachin asks Mahesh if he did something, he denies. Omkar is lying unconscious, Vishakha’s men think to remove his dead body but some priests passing by sees him. One of them checks and realizes Omkar is still alive. They take him for treatment. Mayura’s family forced her for haldi ritual. Vishakha says she will be the first one to apply haldi to ger daughter in law.
While she is going towards she stumbles and all the haldi falls down. Mayura tells generally this is a bad omen but its a very good sign for her.

Bela tells Vishakha not to worry and apply haldi from their side. Omkar wakes up and calls Mayura. Mayura feels it and stands up happily due to which the haldi bowl on table also falls down. Mayura keeps on saying her Omkar is fine and once he comes he will not leave anyone. Vishakha asks her men if they did the work but they said they cannot find him. Vishakha asks Mahesh to get marriage done immediately.

Omkar says the priest that he needs to go and they bless him that his work should get successful as his eyes are reflecting passion and prayers of years. Omkar sees a van carrying some furnitures to be delivered to Bhopal and gets up in it. Mayura gets ready as a bride but hopes Omkar comes on time. She calls the priest and misleads him about marriage timing. Vishakha asks Mahesh about priest. Sachin calls and gets to know that someone had told him that marriage is at night. He tells him to come asap. Ishan says this must have been done by Mayura.

Vishakha asks priest to do rituals hurriedly. Priest tells that the wooden log are wet and it won’t catch fire. Mayura recalls how she had dropped water on them. However Bela tells that there are logs from last year havan. Mayura feels helpless and Ishan forces her to do the rituals. They put garlands on each other while on other side van which Omkar was in gets punctured. Mayura asks Ishan to stop before Omkar comes but he forces her to do rounds. Mayura feels presence of Omkar. Omkar kicks the goons and enters her house. The episode ends with Mayura and Omkar holding hands standing against Mahesh.

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