Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th March 2021 Written Update: Mayura gives birth to a baby girl.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: How will Omkar make Mayura realize he has changed?
Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: How will Omkar make Mayura realize he has changed?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar asking Ashutosh and his family to leave. Guru Ma asks to start preparation for hawan. While on one side Omkar is doing the prayer rituals, Mayura is in very much pain and cries loudly. She gives birth to a baby girl. Omkar is very overwhelmed and asks doctor if Mayura is fine, doctor says she is fine but has weakness.

Manjiri acts very happy and says Goddess Lakshmi has come to their home. Omkar says he knew both his baby and Mayura will be fine. He goes to hold his baby but nurse stops him and says baby must be kept in incubation as she is weak. Omkar gets disheartened and says he wants to hold her however Manjiri convinces him to let nurse do her work. Nurse keeps the baby girl in incubator, Omkar looks intently. Then he sits by Mayura’s side and thanks her for giving the best gift of his life.

Shankar calls Ashutosh and informs him that Mayura has given birth to a baby girl and is fine now. He tells them that Omkar has turned back to obsessive and selfish one in love for his child. He asks Ashutosh to take Mayura away from him.

Omkar gives huge amount of money to guru ma and says its donation for orphanage kids. Ma says him that she will leave now as her work is done but he should remember her words. She manipulates him to keep Mayura away from baby. Omkar is in dilemma. Mayura gains consciousness and asks doctor about her child. Doctor says her baby is absolutely fine and shows the incubator, Mayura asks doctor to bring baby to her once. Doctor says she should feed baby now and asks nurse to bring baby to Mayura.

Mayura lovingly kisses her and says she will keep her away from all troubles. She says if her father is being stubborn she will fight with him but will keep her safe. Omkar asks Manjiri how can he separate Mayura from baby. Manjiri emotionally blackmails him and provokes against Mayura. Mayura’s family members come at door and asks guards to let them enter. Omkar hears baby crying and gets shocked, he asks Manjiri why is his baby crying.

Manjiri asks him to go and check while she will handle Mayura’s family. Omkar goes and snatches baby from Mayura’s hands and asks what did she do to make her cry. Omkar again starts his superstitious beliefs and says Mayura is bad omen for the baby. He says baby gets scared seeing Mayura’s scar and so she should stay away from baby. Mayura tries to fight with him but is very weak.

Manjiri throws money at Mayura’s family and says they are distributing money to poor people and asks them to pick up money and leave. She insults them and makes them leave without meeting Mayura and her baby. Omkar locks Mayura inside the room. Baby is crying a lot and Omkar tries to feed her milk via bottle but she doesn’t drink it. Omkar asks Manjiri if baby really needs Mayura.
Mayura on other side cries for her baby and tries to break the door.

Manjiri says baby isnt hungry and makes her fall asleep. Nurse says poor baby slept in hungry state but doctor shuts her up. Omkar gets relaxed seeing his daughter sleeping. Mayura sees telephone in the room and calls Sulekha to inform that they have locked her inside and separated her from her baby. Sulekha encourages her to think as a mother and find way to reach her baby.

Manjiri gives a candle to Omkar and says its a special candle given by guru ma and it should be kept burning near baby. Omkar places it near the incubator. But while he falls asleep, the candle falls down and wires start catching fire.
While servant comes to give food to Mayura, she hits him and runs to meet her baby.

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