Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th September 2020 Written Update: Mayura turns soft towards Omkar?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th September 2020 Written Update on

Mayura confronts Omkar but Piyush comes and tells she is misunderstanding Omi bhaiya, he can’t do anything wrong. She tells may be he doesn’t know his brother properly. She warns Omkar to stop all these activities as he won’t get what he wants. She leaves angrily. Piyush asks Omkar why he was quite. He obviously didn’t do any of those things as he loves her.

Omkar recalls how he bribed everyone, donation to the principal, gold mukut to temple priest, bribing to shopkeepers etc. He feels he won’t let anything happen to Mayura’s family but he is helpless to do this to bring Mayura closer to him. Piyush asks who would have done this, Maa ji comes and tells she did it. Piyush takes her blessings and asks why she did it. She tells she couldn’t tolerate Mayura’s insult, she wants Mayura herself to come to them.

Omkar feels bad as his mother took the blame, he is about to tell the truth, but she stops him. Piyush says they did wrong, anger and hurry won’t work in love matters. They suddenly went Mayura’s home with Shagun, the girl’s family weren’t ready for it. Manjiri says okay, she realized her mistake. Mayura has lot of self-respect, she won’t bow down to these things. Piyush says let’s sort it out with Sorry. Even big problems get solved by simply sorry.

Mayura comes in front of the bulldozer, brake fails and the driver is unable to stop it. Omkar comes and saves her in nick of time. Bulldozer is going towards their home but Piyush stops it at the end moment and house is saved. Everyone is relieved. Omkar tells sorry to Mayura. She says she doesn’t need his sorry and lectures him.

He stays quiet and tells sorry again and leaves. Piyush tells Mayura she is misunderstanding Omkar, he didn’t do anything. Manjiri maa did everything. Omi bhaiya loves his mother, so he stayed quiet and didn’t reveal her name. Omi bhaiya never harmed anyone, he is like God.

Omkar’s father asks his wife why she took the blame. She says what will she do, let Omkar get blamed ? Piyush is devotee of Omkar, if God’s mistakes come in front of devotee, his devotion will decrease. She tells how quickly Piyush convinced Omkar to tell sorry. Now Piyush will make Mayura also realize about Omkar’s love.

Piyush tells Mayura that Manjiri Maa did it in anger and she is feeling sorry now, Omkar came here to tell sorry as soon as he got to know it. He doesn’t believe in dating, thats why he directly came for Shagun. Its not like social media love, its genuine love.

Omkar and Piyush are struck in traffic. Mayura comes there and writes Sorry and Thanks on car glass. Omkar and Mayura stare at each other and romantic music plays.

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