Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th April 2021 Written Update: Tara gets kidnapped from the hospital.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manjiri shouting at Nayan and asking what she has been cooking since so long, Tara has already woke up. Shankar argues with her. Manjiri tells Nayan to turn around and show her face. Nayan turns and says she was baking cake so it took time. Tara gets very happy seeing the cake and asks if its for her doll’s birthday. Nayan says yes and said its made by her with help of her dadu. Shankar gets emotional and says he wants to live all these moments. Omkar comes there and asks why is he saying like that.
Shankar makes an excuse and says life has no guarantee. Omkar tells nothing will happen to him and requests him not to say such things infront of Tara. Manjiri asks Omkar what had happened at factory. Omkar tells her that it was just a bad joke by someone and everything is fine.

Tara asks if they can cut the cake for her doll’s birthday and all of them happily cut the cake. Omkar brings Tara to hospital. Nayan pretends that she got call from her home as her mother has fell in the bathroom. She asks Omkar to take care of Tara and leaves. Mayura calls Dr Khanna and asks him to let her talk to Tara. Omkar enters chamber and asks Dr whom was he talking to. Dr says it was his patient, Mandira and he can check his phone. However Omkar doesn’t check it. Once Omkar leaves the chamber, Dr makes Tara talk to Mayura and she gets very happy seeing her pari ma. Mayura explains her hide and seek game and says Mayura will find and meet her.

At Dr.’s chamber, he makes her hide under the trolley and his assistant helps to take her outside. Mayura looks on from hiding. Tara’ s doll falls from her hand while she is going but she doesn’t pick it up. Omkar sees the doll and asks assistant to stop. But another girl comes and says its her doll. Omkar goes inside doctor’s chamber and gets agitated seeing Tara isn’t there. Dr Khanna says she went to washroom. His assistant comes and says Tara has run away from bathroom. Omkar gets hyper and charges doctor.

Mayura tells doctor that Tara still didn’t come to her. She gets worried and says she needs to go inside the hospital. She sees an old lady and gets inside hospital with her. Omkar brings police men with him and tries to find Tara. Mayura panics and calls Ashutosh to inform about the incident and blames herself. Ashutosh consoles her and says he will try to do something. Police asks Omkar to go back home and kidnappers will surely call for ransom. Omkar gets hysteric and says nothing will happen to Tara. Manjiri remembers that Nayan had taught address of their house to Tara and says may be Tara will return back herself. But then she says may be Nayan has done something. Omkar calls Nayan and Mayura who is hiding nearby cannot lower the volume of ringtone. Omkar says voice is coming from somewhere around. Mayura wears mask and answers the call, she tells Omkar that she is at his home and Tara isn’t here.

Omkar and Manjiri also return back to home. Mayura feels confused and helpless. Police says they will place call tracer. Omkar asks Nayan if Tara told her about any place she wants to go to. She cries and says Tara never told her anything. Some lady calls Omkar and asks for 50 lakhs as ransom. Police says they couldn’t trace the call but it was some lady. Mayura connects the dot and remembers Megha’s words. The episode ends with Mayura saying she knows who has her daughter.

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