Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th August 2021 Written Update : Vishakha kidnaps Naina and Omkar’s mother

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura telling Omkar to leave Mahesh’s hand. Omkar tells him to see how much Mayura cares for him. Mayura tries to explain Mahesh that she cannot live without Omkar. Vishakha hits Omkar with flower vase from back. Omkar falls unconscious and Mahesh’s men locks him up in the room. Vishakha tells she had to do it and asks them to continue marriage rituals immediately. Ishan forces Mayura to take marriage rounds with him but during rounds, Mayura faints. Ishan gets worried about her and asks them to call doctor immediately.

Ishan asks Dai Ma to take care of Mayura and goes out. Vishakha on other hand asks Mahesh that marriage should happen. Mahesh tells that they should postpone it as Mayura is not well. Vishakha threatens him to destroy his whole business and political career if the marriage isnt done. Mahesh wonders why Vishakha is hurrying for the marriage. Dai Ma tells Mayura she will do anything to make her escape from this bunch of evil people. Ishan comes to Vishakha and tells Mayura is still unconscious. Vishakha tells him to pick her up in arms and do the rounds.

When they reach room, Dai Ma is tied on the chair and she says Mayura tied her and ran away from window. Everyone goes outside. Mayura comes out and says now everyone will search her outside and she will go and meet her Omkar. Vishakha tells them that she is sure Mayura won’t run away leaving Mayura and asks Mahesh to increase security outside his room. Mayura sees guards outside room where unconscious Omkar was kept. She thinks of a plan and lights up fire which makes the fire alarm of whole house ring up.

Priest says he is leaving as there is fire but Ishan drags him with himself. Everyone is looking around for fire. Mayura enters Omkar’s room and hugs him. They share an emotional moment. Omkar tells Mayura that he won’t get separated from her in this birth. Mayura tells him they need to escape from here as both Vishakha and Mahesh’s men are around. Mayura and Omkar leaves from the room. Guards come to room and finds Omkar missing. Sachin scolds them and gets angry.

Naina and Omkar’s mother is worried as Omkar has been missing for long. Omkar’s mother gets a call and tells Naina that Omkar has been kidnapped by Mahesh and kept at his home. Its revealed Vishakha had planned it all. Omkar and Mayura are leaving house when Vishakha stops them and ask if they will leave without saying goodbye. Her men bring Naina and Omkar’s mother.

Omkar gets shocked seeing them held as captives. Vishakha tells him to choose either Mayura or his mother. Mayura tells how Vishakha had planned to kill her too by making her meet accident after sending her to London. Mahesh gets shocked to hear that and questions Vishakha. The episode ends with Vishakha confessing everything is her plan.

Episode Ends.

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