Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th March 2021 Written Update: Mayura decides to win Omkar’s trust and take her baby away

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Who is the new trouble in happy life of Omkar and Mayura?
Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Who is the new trouble in happy life of Omkar and Mayura?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura coming to room and panicking seeing the fire in the wire. She quickly extinguishes it off and picks up baby from incubator. Omkar wakes up and asks Mayura why did she light fire, he asks if his daughter got any marks. Mayura shouts at time and asks how was he sleeping when there was fire around. She says what is he asking about marks, their daughter may have got burnt in the fire. Manjiri comes with doctor and nurse. Omkar asks them why did they leave the room. Manjiri says they were just doing their duty. They had gone to inform her about Mayura coming out of her room.

Manjiri starts instigating Omkar against Mayura and makes him believe that Mayura is inauspicious for baby. Mayura says she is one who saved her baby. Omkar asks Mayura to give baby to him but she warns him to stay away. While baby starts crying, Manjiri says Omkar to take baby from Mayura as she is getting scared to scar on Mayura’s face.

Mayura picks up knife to keep Omkar away from her. Omkar shouts and asks him to give her baby. Mayura shouts back and says she will take baby with her. While she is leaving, doctor injects some drug and makes Mayura fall unconscious. Omkar takes baby from her hand and holds Mayura.

Next morning unconscious Mayura is lying infront of her house. Her family members get shocked seeing her state.
Baby keeps crying, Omkar tries to feed her with bottle but she keeps crying. Omkar asks doctor to do something. Doctor says they cannot do anything as baby needs her mother. Manjiri brings Guru Ma to home who does some rituals and then gives something to feed baby. However Mayura comes and stops them.

Police and women welfare organization pressurizes Omkar to give baby to Mayura. While Mayura is going away with baby, Manjiri creates a drama and blames Mayura as the wrong one. She manipulates everyone to believe that Mayura wants to harm baby that’s why she separated Mayura from her baby. She says even doctor can testify for the same. Police and everyone believes all the lies and asks them Mayura to give back baby to Mayura.

Omkar tells Mayura to leave and never show her face to baby. Mayura begs Omkar to let her feed baby. Omkar says it’s her fault that she didnt get plastic surgery done. Mayura pleads him to listen to her and let her stay beside baby.

Omkar allows her to stay in his home but on condition that she wouldn’t come near baby. Mayura looks at her baby from outside the room and cries. Baby keeps crying. Mayura asks him to give her baby once and she will make her quiet. Mayura starts singing lullaby and baby becomes quiet. Omkar smiles happily and makes baby sleep. Manjiri gets annoyed and leaves.

Mayura hears voices of baby saying she wants to come near her. She feels confident and says she will win Omkar’s trust and then take her away from this family and this place. Omkar wakes up from sleep and sees baby isnt beside him. Manjiri is instructing staffs to take proper care as its her granddaughter’s naming ceremony.

Omkar comes and asks where is baby. Nurse and Mayura come with baby. Omkar scolds her but forgives her. Manjiri asks Omkar if he still loves Mayura. He says he does but his priority is his daughter’s happiness. He says baby has become healthier after Mayura has come.

Mayura thinks she will win Omkar’s trust and then breaks it. Ashutosh calls Mayura and asks if she is ready to take the risk. Mayura discusses her plan but sees Manjiri overhearing so she changes the topic and asks Ashutosh not to ceremony. Manjiri tells Mayura she also shouldn’t come to the ritual. Mayura cries and wishes she also could go to the naming ceremony and feels sorry towards her baby.

Omkar asks priest to start the puja ceremony. Mayura wonders what will be her name. Both Mayura and Omkar tells their feelings towards baby. Both Omkar and Mayura name her Tara. Mayura thinks even Omkar thought of same name as her.

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