Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th October 2020 Written Update: Mayura gets struck in Megha plan

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with next day Mayura wakes up. Omkara says are you alright because you lost consciousness. Mayura sees thread on her hand and asks about it. Manjari comes to their room and says Omkara did Pooja for her wellfare in the whole night. Mayura says why you looks tensed without

 revealing you did it for me and shehugs him happily saying she is lucky. Omkara says Doctor says you’re fine and just prescribed some medicine. Mayura says today is your event so ready quickly because I’m good.

Megha plans to reveal Omkara reality to Mayura. Mayura comes after getting ready. Omkara asks are you fine. Mayura says she is fine and applies Kumkum on her hairlines and kisses him saying all the best for his event. Omkara says she don’t need any wishes and asks Mayura to stay in room itself saying he keeps his personal and Professional life different and don’t get bored. Megha comes to them and says I will stay with my sister so she didn’t get bored. Mayura feels happy seeing her. Omkara leaves asking Mayura to take care of herself. 

Omkara takes his mom blessings and asks about his Dad. Manjari says he slept because he is over drunk and she is their to bless him. Omkara says Megha come here. Manjari says she met me and mocks her. Omkara says leave it ,her presence can make Mayura happy.

Omkara is busy with his meeting. Megha gives to Saree to Mayura as her wedding gift. Mayura goes to try it and than she comes out in that saree. Megha says you looks stunning. Mayura says this blouse is so revealing so I can’t wear it. Megha takes her pics and says Omkara will love it and takes Mayura outside forcefully for pictures.

Reporters takes Omkara interview. Mayura tensely gives poses than Megha acts like chewing gum strucked in her throat and asks for water. Mayura tensely runs to get the water and than she falls near meeting area. Reporters discusses it can be Omkara’s wife and takes her shots while praising her beauty. Reporters asks her so many questions. Megha enjoys it. Mayura feels uncomfortable.

Omkara seperated Reporters and Mayura opening curtain. Omkara says my professional and personal life is always different and I won’t let you people enter in my personal space so leave your camera’s here and Sanjay will handover them to you after deleting my wife Pics. Megha thinks Omkara can do anything for Mayura beauty. Reporters leaves after placing cameras on table.

Omkara goes near Mayura. Mayura says sorry Omkar ki, sister needed water so than Omkara forcefully takes her to room. Piyush follows them but his Mom stops him saying don’t interfere between wife and Husband matters. Manjari thinks hope Mayura won’t get suspicious seeing Omkara behaviour.

Piyush says to Sanjay that I hope their won’t be any problem between them. Sanjay says their won’t be and you’re their to clear their difference if they have problem. Piyush says I will never let them get seperated.

Omkara scolds Mayura for coming out in revealing clothes and questions isn’t my praising enough for you and that’s you came Infront of others. Mayura about say it’s for Megha. Omkara says stop it about Megha and I can’t bear it if others men saw you so leave and wear something. Mayura about to say something but Omkara shouts her to leave. She leaves in tears.

Precap – Omkara says Mom did you saw how everyone saw my Mayura. Mayura thinks Omkara loves her beauty not her.

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