Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th April 2021 Written Update: Nayan’s truth of being Mayura is revealed

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura telling Shankar she needs to leave immediately. Manjiri says kidnapper to take any amount but return back their Tara. Megha comes to home and acts innocent. She asks Ashutosh what happened. Mayura comes and tells them not to hide anything from Megha as she knows everything. Megha acts clueless. Mayura charges Megha of kidnapping Tara. She explains all the conversation she had earlier with Megha.

Megha however denies and says she has not done anything. She says Sanjay had big loss in business, and moreover she is pregnant so she didn’t want to take any risk of their safety. That’s why she had asked Mayura for money. Mayura however says she doesn’t believe Megha.

Police says they have tracked kidnapper’s location. Later Shankar calls Mayura and informs her that Omkar has gone to Nisha’s home as he thinks Nayan is mastermind behind the kidnapping. Mayura tells Ashutosh Omkar is playing some game so she needs to go back immediately. When she reaches Omkar’ s house, she sees Omkar questioning Nisha’s parents whereabouts of Tara. Nayan tells Omkar that he has some misunderstanding and she has not done anything. Omkar says the location of kidnapper was tracked by police and it was her house. Mayura gets shocked. Policeman asks constables to take Nisha’s parents in room and make them speak the truth. Mayura is dumbfounded. Omkar also gives arrest warrant to Nayan.

Ashutosh gets worried about Mayura and Megha asks them to take legal help. Nayan begs police and says she hasn’t done anything wrong. Omkar says money and greed can make anyone do wrong. Nayan stills defends herself. Manjiri asks police to take Nayan to jail. Omkar says she isnt speaking truth so he asks police to force her parents to speak the truth. Nayan says Omkar she doesn’t need his money at all. Omkar asks her what does she need then and Nayan says she just wants Tara’s.. But before she can complete her statement she hears Nisha’s parents screaming.

She bursts out telling the truth that she is Tara’s mother and can never harm her. She washes off black color from her face. Omkar says he already had doubt on her. Someone knocks at Ashutosh’s home and tells him he found a little girl fainted outside his house. Ashutosh gets shocked to see its Tara. She is unconscious. However she gains consciousness and calls Ashutosh as Nanaji. Omkar and Mayura have war of words again and Mayura charges him of keeping her away from daughter for five years. Mayura gets call from Ashutosh who says Tara is at their home.

Mayura along with Omkar and police come to her home. Tara gets very happy to see Omkar and Pari Ma. Police says what Mayura has done can be severely punishable. Omkar says he will punish her later but now he will take Tara away from her. Omkar even says Mayura is mentally unwell. Tara cries for her Pari Ma and Mayura breaks down. Megha consoles Mayura and says she has consulted her lawyer friend to help her. Mayura asks forgiveness from Megha for doubting her.

Mayura asks Goddess to show her path to reach her daughter. Omkar’s lawyer brings notice from court for Mayura which states she should stay away from Tara. Mayura is going somewhere and overhears Omkar talking to someone and revealing his plans. Episode ends on Mayura’s shocked face as she sees its Megha who had helped Omkar.

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