Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th October 2020 Written Update: Megha asks Mayura to notice Omkar real intentions

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mayura goes to her room and cries badly thinking she did mistake by hurting Omkar. Manjari asks Omkar to have water. Omkar tensely says they saw my Mayura with their bad eyes even though I tried to protect her. Manjari relaxes him. Megha gies to Mayura room and hugs her. Megha says you didn’t go infront of everyone intentionally but He scolded you badly and saud you just want to here praises from world, did he always talk like that to you? Mayura says he is good. Megha sats she don’t like Omkara behaviour towards her.

Manjari stops them shouting Mayura and asks her to keep secrests of house in hose itself and warns Megha to stay away from wife and husband matters. Megha says Mayura us my sister too, so I can talk. Manjari says you can meet your sister but warns Megha to never create any drama at her place. Manjari says to Mayura that her son is feeling bad thinking he is hurted hisvwife and asks Mayura to respect her relation with Omkara. Mayura cries.

Akhilesh says his pf amount settled all expenses of marriage. His mom mocks him for soending all money but he says his daughters hapiness is everything for him.

Megha asks Mayura how you’re beating torture of your husband and Mom in law. Mayura says I know how much they loves me so don’t say anything against them and please leave from here. Megha says ok and asks Mayura to think once again about Omkara words to her than she can understand what he meant and leaves.

Omkara do’s meditation. Mayura sees him. Piyush says my brother loves you. Mayura says don’t know why Omkara is stopping me to coming infront of others,  I always wanted person who loves my inner self not my beauty. Piyush says what will you think if you Dad says same. Mayura says dad saw so much world.

Piyush says Omkara bro to saw so much world and he cares for you that’s why he wants to save you and he is dream boy of evert girl but you’re his drean girl so think about it and he leaves than Piyush prays god to fulfill Mayura wishes.

Mayura goes near Omkar but he leaves from that place. Mayura thinks to never repeat her mistakes and says her husband and family is important to her and she thinks to rectify her mistake. Omkara notices decorations in the room and than he sees Mayura who writes Sorry on mirror and convey her apologies in many ways ang begs him to talk with her saying she is ready for any punishment. Omkara smiles than she hugs him.

Omkara gets call from magzine members asking his interview and pics with his wife saying she heard from reporters that his wife is pretty. Omkara denies and than scolds Mayura than she cries. Omkara says don’t spoil your beautiful face with your tears and he leaves. Mayura follows him. Omkara sats dint follow me I will be beck to home once my mind get relaxation. Mayura sees her reflection in water and thinks why Omkar ji always talks about my beauty everytime?

Precap – Mayura thinks Omkara just love her beauty and after knowing this truth she decides to take one decision. 

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