Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th April 2021 Written Update: Mayura comes up with a new plan to stop Omkar.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mayura overhearing Omkar and Megha’s conversation. Omkar thanks Megha for helping him. Megha asks him to keep giving her money and she will tell him all plans of Mayura. Mayura comes and taunts Megha for stooping so low. She taunts her for sacrificing her sister’s happiness for little amount of money. Megha says she had asked Mayura for money but she didn’t help so she had to do all this. Megha tells Omkar that she kept her promise and now Mayura is his problem.
Mayura asks Omkar how could he do all this. Omkar says if he didn’t do such, he wouldn’t have been able to see her crying and falling weak like this. He says her to stay away from Tara. Mayura denies and says she is her mother. Omkar gifts Mayura a doll which speaks Mumma on being pressed. He says Mayura that she can hear Pari Ma, friend nurse, Nayan Aunty and such from Tara but she will never hear Tara calling her mother.

While leaving Omkar sees shadow of Mayura holding doll but it looks like she is holding a real child. Mayura says if a mother is determined she can bring world to change and soon she will make this shadow to reality and have her Tara with herself. Omkar tampers the shadow and challenges Mayura. At Mayura’s home, Sanjay asks Mayura for forgiveness. Ashutosh says he will talk to Megha, but Mayura stops him.

Tara is sitting with Mayura’s photo, Omkar enters the room with food so she quickly hides the photo. Omkar asks her what is she hiding. He gets shocked to see Mayura’s photo and forcefully snatches it away. Both food and photo frame fall on floor. Manjiri comes there and gets scolded by Omkar as she didnt explain Tara properly that she cannot meet her pari ma anymore. Mayura picks up posters and photos of Mayura with Omkar and little Tara. She asks Ashutosh, Sanjay and Sulekha to help her in this last fight against Omkar to win her daughter back.

Tara sees a shooting star and wishes for her to get her pari ma back. Next morning, Omkar is about to leave with Tara when he hears some commotion outside his home. He makes Tara lie on sofa and goes outside to see whats happening. Mayura is sitting there with lots of media person and demanding to get her daughter back. Mayura shows her marriage picture with Omkar, she also shows picture when Mayura was holding baby Tara and says Omkar kept her away from her daughter for 5 years. Tara also comes outside and sees those photographs. Mayura says she isn’t only pari ma but also real mother of Tara still he always lied to her that her mother is dead. Tara gets shocked to know the truth and wonders if Pari ma is her mother why had Omkar been always lying to her.

Omkar tells Mayura he will take Tara away anyhow. He picks up unconscious Tara and gets in car. Mayura is standing in midway. Omkar starts moving the car but Tara wakes up and says to stop the car or else mumma will get hurt. Omkar tells Tara to stay in car and he will tell her everything later. Police comes and says Mayura to stop drama in middle of road. Manjiri says Mayura is mentally disturbed and they can contact her doctor to confirm. The episode ends with Mayura thinking to play her last move.

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