Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th September 2020 Written Update: Omkar’s gentleman drama to impress Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura leaving and Omkar being happy touching the sorry written by her on car glass. He asks Piyush if they should go again tomorrow with a marriage proposal. Piyush says it’s not 2 minutes noodles, its love..he has to be patient.

Mayura’s mother and Dadi praise Omkar, he silently listened to all Mayura’s scoldings and apologized. Her father says what about Manjiri, she was about to run a bulldozer into their house. They continue arguing. Mayura comes and stops them. She says she was wrong to talk rudely with Omkar, she already apologized and thanked him, the matter is over. He is sangmarmar Sartaj to everyone including them. Nothing more.

Omkar is hitting punching bag and asks Piyush for ideas to impress Mayura, Piyush boasts about himself and tells he has an amazing idea.

Megha is video chatting with Kundan, Mayura joins her for a minute. He asks how is she, and tells her not to listen to anyone, just do what her heart says. Mayura thanks him and says di is very lucky. She goes away. She gets a message from principal that she can write exams. She gets another message to go to neighbor village for a camp.

Mayura talks to villagers about how to fight Covid-19, how to increase immunity, ways to sanitize etc. She also says they get a free health check up. They hear people chanting Sangmarmar Sartaaj and leave. People surround Omkar and praise him, they list out all the good things he did and thank him. Mayura gets impressed seeing this.

The boys who teased Mayura that day also see this, they feel only they know Omkar’s craziness, they vow to take revenge from Omkar through Mayura. Piyush is seen there, its all his idea. Omkar sees Mayura, she stares at him but he passes by her without glancing. He thinks its so difficult to not see her beautiful face, but if its needed to win her, he will do it. He smiles seeing Piyush.

Mayura is happily chatting with her mother and praises Omkar. The boys lit fire on her tent, she shouts and her mother gets tensed hearing it, the phone gets disconnected. Villagers shout fire, fire, Omkar hears them and stops, he hears Mayura shouting for help and runs to save her. Piyush asks people to bring water.

Mayura’s mother and Dadi pray to God. Omkar jumps inside and holds Mayura. He feels relieved seeing fire didn’t touch her, waterfall from upside. He cleans the black spots on her face, he thinks he won’t let anything happen to her beauty even if the world gets burnt. Her beauty is everything to him. Piyush shouts Omkar to come out as fire is increasing. The boys escape. Omkar lifts Mayura and comes out.

Mayura’s family is waiting for her to wake up. She gets up and asks how nothing happened to her as she was struck in the fire. Megha says Omkar saved her life putting his life at risk. She says people made videos of Omkar saving her and shows it. Mayura sees how Omkar saved her.

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