Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th April 2021 Written Update: Tara and Mayura share emotional moments

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura saying whatever she has done, she did it to get her daughter back. She says they are women and can understand how a mother would be affected mentally if she is kept away from her daughter for several years. She says Omkar has done a lot of mistakes in past to harm her. Manjiri tries to shut her from speaking but Mayura doesnt stop. Mayura tells the welfare society members that the mark on her face is by Omkar. She tells them that if in anger Omkar can harm her so severely, how can they guarantee safety of Tara with Omkar. She goes on to say how Omkar has kept Tara locked in golden cage.

Mayura tells them how Tara doesn’t go to school, doesn’t have friends, doesn’t go outside home, etc. She begs them to help her keep her daughter safe. Omkar tells them that he has always kept Tara happy since past 5 years. They tell they will talk to Tara and ask her to decide if she wants to stay with her father or mother. Later everyone gathers inside Omkar’s house and they ask Tara whom will she choose. Tara points her finger at Omkar. He feels happy while Mayura breaksdown but then Tara shifts her finger towars Mayura. Manjiri gets shocked. But then Tara points fingers towards both and says she want to stay with both of them.

Omkar and Mayura say they won’t stay with each other and argue. Shankar tells them to look at Tara who is crying. Omkar and Mayura try to make her quiet. Women organization lady says both Omkar and Mayura should stay together with Tara for 14 days and prove themselves. After 14 days they will make the decision. They instruct Omkar not to leave the city for next two weeks or he may get punished by law. Ashutosh and Manjiri ask Mayura and Omkar respectively to agree to stay together for Tara. Later Mayura and Omkar have a conversation about full moon and new moon night and challenge each other.

Mayura cries as she recalls her moments with Tara and then goes to meet her. She cries badly holding Tara’s hands and tells her if she knows along with being her friend nurse, her pari ma, she is also her mumma. They share an emotional moment. Tara calls Mayura as Mumma and she gets more emotional. Omkar and Manjiri looks on from outside. Tara questions her why she didn’t come to meet her in the past. Mayura tells her now she knows the truth and that’s important. Tara sits close to Mayura and asks how did she get scar on her face as she saw her photo from marriage day and she didn’t have any mark. Mayura makes an excuse and says its because of an accident. Mayura promises her that she will never leave her again.

Omkar comes to room and Tara shows him her drawing. She has drawn Omkar, Mayura and Tara. Omkar asks her to come with him for sleeping. She says she won’t leave Mayura or else she will go again. Mayura tells her to go with Omkar and says she won’t leave. Tara questions Omkar why he lied to her that her mother has gone to God. However Mayura helps him in the situation by making some excuse and says now she will never leave her again. Tara requests Omkar to let her sleep with Mayura. Omkar leaves angrily. Tara asks Mayura to sing lullaby for her and they both fall asleep. Omkar does push ups and recalls how Tara and Mayura bonded. Manjiri tells him that she will create a negative image of Mayura infront of organization ladies. The episode ends with Omkar being determined to make Mayura go away from Tara forever.

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