Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th December 2020 Written Update: Omkar marries both Mayura and Ashwaria

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura taunting Omkar. She tells him to look at her. She tells him what did he think, he will win by using Sanjay and her family members. Now he is trapped with her. She tells him now he is again her husband. Then Ashwaria and her mother comes there, Ashwaria cries saying she couldn’t marry Omkar. Manjiri tells her Mayura married Omkar.

While Mayura finishes taunting Omkar, he gets up and drags Ashwaria with him. He fills her hairline with sindoor. Everyone gets shocked. Omkar says now he is married to Ashwaria too. Then he says he married Mayura but now Ashwaria is his wife too. He says it’s not a big deal to have two wives.. Mayura shouts Omkar.

 Omkar goes on saying how it’s fine to marry Ashwaria. He says already whole Jabalpur knows they are getting married and only people who saw the marriage with Mayura today are all his people and they will never admit of witnessing it. He asks the people there. The priest, guests and even Ashwaria denies about the marriage.

 Mayura gets shocked. Omkar tells her she can never win against him. He tells her Omkar and Mayura can never be Mayukar. He tells Mayura they have shortage of maid staffs at home so she can stay and take care of the personal needs of his new wife. She can she if she is healthy or not, take care of her pure beauty etc. Ashwaria calls Mayura as elder sister and tells she can happily stay with her. He taunts Mayura and then picks up Ashwaria in arms. Ashwaria gets happy.

 Omkar tells Mayura if she is feeling jealous of his love for his new wife. Then he leaves with Ashwaria. Manjiri taunts Mayura and tells her Omkar knows to answer brick like her with marble like Ashwaria. Omkar puts Ashwaria down. He thinks why is Mayura so persistent to stay in the house. She had a good chance to leave but why she didn’t. He thinks if she still loves him.

Omkar is alone and gets hallucinations of being surrounded by multiple Mayuras. They keep showing him the face scar. He feels distraught and helpless and keeps shouting for her to go away . In room, Manjiri tells Ashwaria that Omkar is worried due to Mayura so he left her alone. She tells him to dress in Omkar’s favorite colors and once after there first night Omkar will completely forget about Mayura. She praises Ashwaria ‘s beauty. Mayura hears everything and thinks she will spoil the first night.

As soon as Omkar comes to room, Mayura comes along and starts dancing close to Omkar on pallo latke. Ashwaria feels disgusted and leaves. Mayura tells Omkar if her remembers their first night, how he had spoiled her special day because of his obsession due to her allergy. She has his room is theirs, she has right to stay there as she is his wife. Omkar feels angry.

Next morning Omkar wakes up and is greeted by Mayura. She tells him he always liked to start his day by seeing her face. He says it was before when she was beautiful and spotless. Mayura tells him she forgot something and then applies sindoor. She recalls how Omkar had said he likes thick and longer sindoor in hairline.

Then Omkar tells Mayura last night she made him his room but now he will make sure she cannot leave this room. Omkar locks the door from outside. He says her while she is inside she should clean it up and replace the old flowers. He says he doesn’t like drooped flowers and impure faces. Omkar does Puja and prays to shove away bad omen due to Mayura.

Manjiri is with Ashwaria and her mom. In kitchen suddenly while changing the utensils from fireplace, one big vessel of oil slips and is about to fall on Omkar but Mayura saves him. Mayura falls on Omkar and flower petals fall on them. Manjiri comes there and calls Omkar but he is lost. While getting up Mayura’s mangalsutra gets tangled in his shirt. He removes it and gets up.

Manjiri gives one necklace to Mayura for saving Omkar’s life and says she can never afford such an expensive one. Mayura throws it and it lands exactly on Manjiri’s neck. She gets shocked. Mayura smiles.


Omkar tells Mayura she herself planned to kill him and then saved him. Mayura says she shouldn’t have saved him.

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