Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th March 2021 Written Update: Mayura tricks Omkar by hiding her scar for one day.

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: What will be Omkar's next step to stop the marriage?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar writing Tara on a plate and showing it to baby. Manjiri comes and tells Omkar to do some superstitious rituals to keep black eyes away from baby. The curtains in hall catch fire but no one notices. Suddenly someone shouts about fire, Omkar runs to extinguish the fire. Suddenly he remembers about baby. He sees Mayura holding baby safely. Mayurs says she smelt something burning that’s why she came here or else she wouldn’t have come. Omkar scolds staffs for being careless. Manjiri however again puts blame on Mayura and call her bad omen. She asks Mayura to leave the house as her presence is not safe for Tara.

Shankar scolds Manjiri and asks if she has lost her mind. Mayura begs Omkar and Manjiri not to separate her from her baby. Manjiri tries to push her outside but priest stops her. Priest says if they want to remove black omen from the family they should stop separating Mayura from her baby. Keeping a mother away from her child is the biggest sin that’s why there are troubles on their family.
Manjiri tries to contradict his statements. Even Guru Ma says Mayura’s scar is a bad sign for family.

Mayura falls in priest’s feet and says she will do anything he says. Priest says her to listen to Omkar and get the scar removed from her face. Manjiri still drags Mayura outside. Omkar stops her and asks Mayura to make her decision. He gives her choice between getting plastic surgery done or leaving his home forever. He asks her to choose either her self respect or love for her daughter. Mayura agrees to get plastic surgery done. Manjiri tries to provoke Omkar against Mayurs but he says she is broken and won’t do anything against them. Mayura talks to Ashutosh and says she will do whatever is beneficial for her baby.
Next day Omkar and Manjiri tries to make baby quiet but she keeps crying. Mayura plays peek a boo from far with her and she gets happy. However Omkar doesn’t see Mayura. Manjiri again tells Omkar that Mayura must be having some plans but he doesn’t listen to her.

Omkar brings Mayura to hospital and talks sweetly to her. He says after that mark is gone both of them can together take care of Mayura. Mayura unwillingly agrees. Once she enters the room with doctor, Ashutosh is already waiting for her there. Its revealed that doctor was her senior at college and is helping her in her plan. Mayura says how she got maids and even priest involved in her plan. She asks doctor to hide the scar from her face just for one day. He agrees to do it using prosthetics. Ashutosh says now they wont stop her from coming close to Tara so she should take advantage of situation and escape with baby.

Later doctor removes bandage from her face and its spotless. Omkar hugs her happily and says now everything will be fine. Omkar goes to sign discharge papers. Doctor asks Mayura to careful of heat, fire and water as it can fed away the prosthetics. Omkar and Mayura come back home. Manjiri does her aarti and welcomes her. Shankar gives Tara to her and asks her to take care of his daughter. Mayura pretends to agree to Manjiri’s words but thinks she will leave house today with her baby. Omkar brings Mayura to room and gets closer to Mayura, she panics and goes away. She says she will feed Tara. Omkar back hugs Mayura and she gets worried about her mark getting revealed.

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