Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th September 2020 Written Update: Omkar doesn’t like Mayura-Kundan’s bond

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar walking around with a lost look, Piyush says he knows why he is worried, he says Mayura is fine, doctors also assured it. Omkar says its evening and he didn’t get any call. He thinks to see the live video of Mayura. But she comes there and gives cake to him. He says she expressed her anger through words, but she wrote sorry on car glass and now thanking by sweets, she can talk to him.

Mayura says if he wasn’t there yesterday, anything could happen to her, Omkar says he wouldn’t be okay even if a fire spark touched her. Mayura walks to Kundan who was waiting near car, she says she told thanks and they will go now.

She laughingly talks to him and both give high-five to each other. Omkar sees this angrily and thinks he should do something to break this jija-saali bond. Kundan tells Mayura that he is taking Megha to office party. She says so its operation date and laughs.

Megha is tensed about what to wear to the party, she doesn’t know anyone there. Mayura cheers her up. Omkar is seeing live video of Mayura, Kundan calls her and tells he feels guilty as Megha is so tensed about party, he is taking her outside first time that too office party. He asks Mayura to join them to party as company to Megha. Mayura hesitates initially but agrees.

Omkar feels what is Mayura talking to him so long on the phone. He hurriedly climbs down the steps and about to fall but Piyush holds him, his tab falls in front of his father, he picks it up and sees Mayura’s video. Omkar takes the tab and leaves. His father says Manjiri that Omkar is wrong to invade a girl’s privacy.

Omkar comes to the restaurant where Kundan office party is going on, he wonders what is Mayura doing here sitting beside Kundan. He sits at the end table and observes them. Megha is talking on phone and juice falls on her Saree, Kundan sees it and walks to her. Kundan friends badly eye Mayura.

Omkar gets angry on Kundan for leaving Mayura alone with his friends. A man shifts to Mayura’s side and asks if she is beautiful from childhood, she gets uncomfortable, another man also shifts to her side and tries to take selfie by moving closer. Mayura gets up and says she has to go to washroom.

Omkar pulls her aside and asks why she came here, does she know them, why she tolerated their misbehaviour. Piyush comes there and says he doesn’t know what happened but they must have misbehaved as Omkar is very angry. He can’t tolerate anyone misbehaving with girls. Mayura gives water to Omkar and asks him to calm down.

She is used to all this, she didn’t hit them as she doesn’t want to spoil her di and jiju’s first date. Omkar asks why she came for their first date. She says jiju insisted, otherwise she would have never come.

Omkar hears the two men talking, they say Kundan’s to be wife is average but his saali is beautiful. They feel if one has this beautiful saali, then average wife is also okay. Omkar says he has important work and tells Piyush to take care of her. He leaves. Two men enter lift, Omkar stops the door from closing by keeping his leg.