Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th September 2020 Written Update: Kundan feels weird about Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th September 2020 Written Update on

Omkar is about to cut the lift wire, but he stops seeing Mayura and hides. Mayura goes from there but comes again as she hears some voices. Cleaner stops her as its no entry area. She says she came here as she heard some sounds, he says may be its from down floor party.

 She says okay and leaves. The two men fall on Omkar’s feet and apologize. Omkar tells them to leave Jabalpur and warns them not to tell this matter to anyone. They agree, Omkar asks with which hand he touched Mayura, right or left, it should be punished.

Mayura is searching for Omkar and slips, but Omkar comes in right time and holds her. They have a romantic moment. Piyush clicks their pic and sends it to Manjiri. Manjiri sees the pic and dances happily. Mayura tells Omkar they will meet tomorrow for a coffee and leaves. Piyush comes there and Omkar hugs him. Piyush congrats him and says he will fix the date and time for coffee date.

Omkar is doing charity at temple, Kundan greets him and invites him to his and Megha’s wedding. Omkar asks Kundan why did he take Mayura to restaurant. His friends misbehaved with her when he went away. Omkar warns him not to repeat these kind of things again. Kundan feels something wrong. He gets Megha’s message that they are going out and will meet him later.

Omkar is at cafe and feels Mayura won’t like it and is about to come out. But Mayura comes at exact time and says its her favourite cafe. Omkar wonders how Piyush is always right. Mayura says she thought wrongly of him initially, she thought rich people are self centered and don’t care about others, but he is different.

She offers him hand of friendship. Omkar takes her hand and smiles. Mayura asks him his hobbies and what does he like. He thinks he likes everything beautiful. But he tells he likes to help people, caring for parents, he feels Mayura likes people with good qualities. He dreams of a romantic moment with her.

He comes out of dream when she says she is leaving. He offers to drop her home, but she denies as going in rickshaw is fun. Omkar feels he wishes to keep her infront of his eyes always. Piyush comes there and teases him of becoming poet. Omkar thanks him as he found about Mayura’s likes and dislikes. Piyush says his heart is good, he just wants to get Mayura closer to him by doing these small things.

Mayura’s family and Kundan are waiting for Mayura at home. She comes and Kundan asks about his colleagues misbehaviour with her. Mayura asks how does he know it. He says Omkar told him. She asks how is it possible, Omkar is with her till now.

Kundan feels weird as Omkar didn’t tell Mayura about their conversation. Kundan shows photos of his office people and ask Mayura who misbehaved with her. She shows the pic.

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