Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Has Omkar recalled his past after visiting Jabalpur?

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Colors tv show Pinjara has taken an interesting mode as Omkar visits Jabalpur and strongly feels connected to the place while Mayura faints due to fatigue and not eating anything.

In the previous episode Naina’s haldi ceremony took place. Omkar and Naina had a hearty talk. Omkar received text from Mayura to visit Jabalpur . One guy amongst the guest asked Omkar if he had been to Jabalpur as he had seen his photograph there. Omkar denied.

Omkar thought he needs a sign to confirm if he is doing right or not. He heard passersby chatting name of Goddess Narmada. Omkar’s mother comes to his room to give something, but finds his sherwani on bed with note that he is leaving and cannot get married unless he found out his own identity.

Omkar came to Jabalpur and a pedestrian asked him address of certain place and he said it. He saw Sangemarmar Sartaj name board on the factory and started getting flashbacks.
Omkar saw his past birth picture hanging on wall with garland on it. He further visited Mayura’s and his home in past birth and got lots of memories which made him feel stressed and he fainted. Mayura kept dancing and fainted too. Vishakha thought that she would never let Omkar and Mayura reunite again.

Will Vishakha get successful in harming Omkar?

How will Omkar stop Mayura from getting married to Ishan?

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