Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: How will Omkar get back Tara and Mayura’s trust?

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With interesting twists and turns, Pinjara is once again witnessing Mayura’s anger for Omkar after realizing he had been lying to her. Viewers are awaiting to see how Omkar pleads her to believe him again.

In the previous episode Omkar got worried after getting call from Vishakha. Megha, Sanjay and Shankar saw Vishakha ‘s guard entering inside a bungalow and locking it from inside. Omkar made an excuse infront of Mayura and went there. Vishakha attacked nurse in the hospital to leave from there. Vishakha on call asked Omkar if he found Tara. She threatened him and cuts the call. Omkar tries to find Tara there but fails. Mayura went through files and found a file named Vishal industries. Mayura got to know Vishal committed suicide.

Omkar got videocall from Vishakha, she warned him to find Tara within 12 hours. At bungalow Omkar finds Tara lying unconscious on sofa, he hurriedly picks her up to take her to hospital. Mayura picked up Tara and takes her along. She doesn’t listen to anything and leaves to go to hospital. Omkar asked Vishakha what she had done to Tara. He told her enmity is with him, so she should stop involving Mayura and Tara.

In the upcoming episodes we will see how Mayura will be manipulated against Omkar by Vishakha. Omkar will try his best to bring out Vishakha’s truth infront of Mayura. But will he get successful?

How will Omkar expose Vishakha and save Mayura?

Will Mayura connect links and find out Vishakha’s truth?

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