Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: How will Omkar react after seeing Maya?

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With the current track, Pinjara has made viewers once again hooked to the show. With Vishakha’s entry in Mayura’s life, she has been defeating Omkar as Maya . It will be interesting to see the turn of events once Omkar and Maya meet.

In the previous episode, we had seen Omkar being informed that Maya doesn’t know him so she wont meet him. He also received a message from private number which said its from Tara, she is with Mayura and safe. Manjiri had arranged for a magazine cover shoot for Omkar.

Omkar reached Vishakha’s house but failed to see Mayura, he rather misunderstood Vishakha as Maya. Later Omkar had his photoshoot for magazine Manjiri brought him to magazine launch which was being telecasted live . She had excitedly pulled curtain to reveal cover image but got shocked to see Maya instead of Omkar on it. Vishakha and Mayura got happy for their win and she told Mayura its time for Omkar to meet Maya.

Vishakha taught Mayura to do cat walk as she will be walking as show stopper for the fashion show. While Omkar tried to find location of the fashion show and was desperate to meet Maya. He came to Vishakha’s house so that he could follow her to reach the venue.

In the upcoming episode we will Mayura gracefully walking the ramp as show stopper for charity fashion show. Omkar will get shocked to see her. It will be interesting to find how their encounters ends.

Will Omkar realize Maya and Mayura are the same?

Will Maya’s charm make Omkar her captive?

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