Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: How will Vishakha react knowing Mayura and Omkar are back?

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Colors tv show Pinjara is making the audience curious about how the storyline will unfold further. While Mayura has already regained her memories, how will Omkar gain his memories back too?

In the previous episode doctor said that Mayura might have become unconscious due to fatigue. Ishan insulted Omkar and then played the videoclip where Mayura confessed all she did was just a plan and made fun of Omkar. Omkar was shocked and heartbroken. While on other hand Mayura regained all her memories of previous birth. Omkar told Mayura that he hated her the most in the world.

Mayura said Omkar that there is actually a connection between them but Omkar told her to stop her acting now. Omkar asked Naina to forgive him and told she was right about Mayura playing with his feelings. Omkar’s mother asked.him to promise her to stay away from Mayura as this may be dangerous for him. Omkar misunderstood that Mayura was getting close to him to keep him away from interfering in chemical factory project. Mayura asked Ishan to use Omkar’s name with respect which left him confused.

Mayura also asked Ishan if his mother had seen her. Omkar had said Mayura that she will see his hatred now. In the upcoming episodes we will see how Mayura will try to convince Omkar about her love while Omkar will be determined to hate her! With Mayura knowing Vishakha is Ishan’s mother, will she take her revenge now?

Will Omkar and Mayura complete their incomplete love hate story soon?

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