Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Mayura faces Vishakha confidently.

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Colors tv show Pinjara is going through interesting twists as Mayura has come face to face with Vishakha and even Omkar’s presence is known by Vishakha. How will Vishakha plot to separate them? Will Mayura and Omkar’s love win against Vishakha’s evil games?

In the previous episode Naina and Omkar’s mother tried to rescue him but nothing works. At home Mayura met and smiled confidently at Vishakha. Mayura asked her if she liked sword fighting. Vishakha said yes and said she even had used sword many times and recalled how she had killed Omkar and Mayura. Vishakha saw the OM birth mark on her palm. Mayura said its symbol Om like short form of Omkar.

On going to the storeroom, Mayura locked Bela inside and left from there. Mayura gave statement against her father and defended Omkar. Mahesh and Sachin switched on television to see Mayura with all the reporters giving her statement of how her family had trapped Omkar because he was fighting against the chemical factory project in Azadnagar. Mayura told she and Omkar has met to fight against the evil forces. Vishakha goes away being shocked. Mayura held Omkar’s hands, but Naina removed it. Omkar asked Naina what is she doing. He took Mayura’s side. However his mother asked Mayura to go away from Omkar if she wants his well being. Mayura said she won’t go away in this birth.

Will Mayura and Omkar finally unite solving their misunderstandings?

Is Vishakha going to be a threat to Omkar and Mayura again?

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