Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Mayura’s truth reveals infront of Omkar

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Colors tv show Pinjara has interesting turns as Mayura recalls the past and tries to convince Omkar!

In the previous episode Mayura danced with Omkar passionately. Mahesh and Sachin went to welcome Ishan’s mother who is revealed to be Vishakha. Mayura and Omkar kept getting flashback of past as they dance together. Mahesh pleaded Vishakha to invest in their business. Omkar thought if Mayura was also having same feelings like him. Mayura recalled the star pendants and then their dance. Dai Ma came there and asked her if she likes the guy whom she was dancing with. Mayura denies it. Dai Ma praised Omkar. She said that in Omkar’s eyes there is a passion that he would do anything for Mayura. Naina came to party and tried to make Omkar realize that Mayura is just playing with him. Omkar argued with her.

Mayura saw Vishakha and got all the past memories. She fell unconscious in Omkar’s arms. Vishakha doesn’t see Omkar and Mayura. Omkar carried Mayura upstairs to her room. Mahesh asked him and other guests to go out. Omkar asked Dai Ma to rub Mayura’s feet with warm oil and left the room worried.

In the upcoming episode we will see Omkar getting to know that Mayura’s love was just her plan but also Mayura will tell Omkar that its their rebirth, however he will not trust her again.

Will Omkar realize that Mayura is saying truth this time?

What will happen to Mayura and Omkar’s incomplete love story?

To know more stay tuned to Pinjara on colors tv and Voot app.