Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Omkar and Mayura finally meet again!

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Colors tv show Pinjara has shown us a lots of ups and downs in Omkar & Mayura’s love – hate story, now with Omkar and Mayura finally meeting each other after recalling their past birth, how will they win against Vishakha?

In the previous episode Dai Ma consoled Mayura, however Mayura felt confident that Omkar is safe. Omkar’s mother and Naina came to Mayura’s house. Naina got shocked seeing Vishakha. Vishakha left from there before getting caught. Some priests passing by checked Omkar and realized Omkar was still alive. They took him for treatment. Mayura’s family forced her for haldi ritual.

Omkar woke up and shouted Mayura. Mayura felt it and stands up happily due to which the haldi bowl on table also fell down. Mayura got ready as a bride but hoped Omkar came on time. She called the priest and misleads him about marriage timing.

Priest told that the wooden log were wet and it won’t catch fire. Mayura recalled how she had dropped water on them. Bela told that there are logs from last year havan. Mayura felt helpless and Ishan forced her to do the rituals. Mayura felt the presence of Omkar. Omkar kicked the goons and entered her house. Mayura happily hugged Omkar. He held her hand tightly and stood against Mahesh who warns Omkar to leave immediately.

How will Omkar alone fight against Mahesh and Vishakha?

Will Vishakha’s evil nature be revealed finally?

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