Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Omkar visits Jabalpur.

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Colors tv show Pinjara is going through a dramatic phase as Ishan is forcing Mayura to marry him while Omkar’s life is in danger as he visits Jabalpur but is being targeted to get shot.

In the previous episode Omkar was surprised to hear that Vishakha wants to pay for his education in Singapore. She asked him to leave on the same day. Omkar accepted the offer eventually after getting emotionally blackmailed by his mother.

The mehendi girl asked what name is her to be husband’s name , Mayura told her to write Omkar. But Bela came there and said its Ishan and not Omkar. Omkar wondered why even though everything is being fine, he doesn’t feel anything right.
Mayura took a vow to give up eating or even drinking water and started praying to Goddess. She asked goddess to return her love to him.

Mayura told she has thought after they talked Ishan will understand her but he is just like his mother. Ishan got angry and was about to hit Mayura . In the upcoming episodes we will see Omkar going to Jabalpur and will feel unwell. Someone is standing behind him to shoot him. While on marriage altar Ishan will be forcibly getting married to Mayura.

Will Omkar be safe and recall his memories after seeing things linked to past ?

Will Omkar reach on time and stop Mayura’s marriage?

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