Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Omkar’s life is in danger due to Mayura’s family.

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Colors tv show Pinjara has kept audience intrigued with constant push and pulls in the love hate story of Omkar and Mayura. While Mayura is now determined to fight against the world to win back her Omkar, Omkar is still oblivious to his past birth! With Naina and Ishan in their lives, how will they overcome all the difficulties to come closer again?

In the previous episode Sachin offered money and lured the locality people to let him build the chemical factory on their land. Omkar made them realise that money would be of no use if they are not healthy. Omkar showed the stay order from court to Sachin and stopped him.
Dai Ma overheard Sachin and Mahesh’s conversation to harm Omkar and told about it to Mayura. Mayura rushed and pushes Omkar aside as he was being targeted but still he got injured on the arm.

Mayura arranged for blood for Omkar. Omkar’s mother questioned Mayura how did she know about Omkar’s blood group. She lied about seeing that in form at college. Mayura asked her father if they are her family or criminals. She told she will do everything as he said but in return they should not harm Omkar.

While Ishan was about to show Mayura’s pic to Vishakha, servant came and mistakenly drops juice on his phone so Vishakha cannot see the pic. After Omkar gained consciousness he asked if Mayura arranged blood for him and recalled how she pushed to save him. Later Mayura came to meet Omkar disguised as nurse.

Will Omkar’s heart melt by seeing Mayura’s care or will he misunderstanding her?

Will Vishakha harm Omkar and Mayura once she knows about their rebirth?

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