Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Omkar’s tough time to choose between his love and mother’s safety.

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Colors tv show Pinjara is at a crucial turn where Omkar and Mayura are standing against Vishakha but she plays her evil game by using their families as pawns. How will Omkar win this battle and keep both his love and family safe?

In the previous episode Vishakha hit Omkar with flower vase from back. Omkar fell unconscious and Mahesh’s men locked him up in the room. Ishan forced Mayura to take marriage rounds with him but during rounds, Mayura fainted. Vishakha threatened Mahesh to destroy his whole business and political career if the marriage isnt done. Vishakha told Ishan to pick Mayura up in arms and do the rounds.

When they reached room, Dai Ma was tied on the chair and she says Mayura tied her and ran away from window. Mayura lit up fire which made the fire alarm of whole house ring up.

Mayura entered Omkar’s room and they shared an emotional moment. Mayura and Omkar left from the room. Omkar’s mother got a call and told Naina that Omkar has been kidnapped by Mahesh and kept at his home. It was revealed Vishakha had planned it all. Omkar and Mayura were leaving house when Vishakha stopped them. Her men brought Naina and Omkar’s mother. Omkar got shocked seeing them held as captives. Vishakha told him to choose either Mayura or his mother.

Will Mayura and Omkar get separated again?

What new game will destiny play?

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