Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Will Mayura be able to save her baby from fire?

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The daily popular show Pinjara, has kept viewers hooked to the storyline with all the ups and downs in it. With Mayura giving birth to a baby girl, what new turn will this story take?

In the previous episode we had seen Mayura giving birth to a baby girl at home itself . Omkar feela overwhelmed and asks doctor if Mayura is fine, doctor says she is fine but has weakness. He goes to hold his baby but nurse stops him and says baby must be kept in incubation. Omkar sits by Mayura’s side and thanks her for giving the best gift of his life.

Shankar calls Ashutosh and informs him that Mayura has given birth to a baby girl and asks Ashutosh to take Mayura away from Omkar. Guru Ma manipulates him to keep Mayura away from baby. Mayura asks doctor to bring baby to her once. Doctor says she should feed baby now and asks nurse to bring baby to Mayura.

Mayura lovingly kisses her and promises to keep her safe. Manjiri emotionally blackmails Omkar to keep Mayura away from baby. Omkar tells Mayura that baby gets scared seeing Mayura’s scar and its a bad omen. Omkar forcefully locks Mayura inside a room.

Manjari makes baby fall asleep in hungry state. Mayura calls Surekha to inform that they have locked her in room.
Manjari gives a special candle given by guru ma to Omkar and says it should be kept burning near baby. But while he falls asleep, the candle falls down and wires start catching fire.

In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that how Mayura saves her baby. It would be interesting to see if Omkar’s obsession can be changed by Mayura once again or not?

How will Mayura save her baby?

Will Omkar remain as a puppet to Guru Ma and harm his own baby?

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