Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Will Mayura lose her baby due to Omkar’s mistake?

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Viewers are enjoying the ups and downs in Omkar and Mayura’s love story, now with Omkar changing back to his old stubborn and selfish self, will Mayura leave him before its too late?

In the previous episode Omkar brings Mayura to hall which has been beautifully decorated. Manjari comes and gives them blessings. Even Agrima Devi comes there and gives her blessings too. Omkar goes to meet Surekha, she asks why did he message her to send Ashutosh somewhere. Omkar requests them to go to temple for Mayura and her baby’s safety. At Omkar’s mansion, Manjari starts the ritual. Omkar dances and makes Mayura dance too. Mayura’s family comes there with Nisha.

While Ashutosh goes to feed Mayura kheer for the ritual, Omkar goes and stops him. He shouts at Ashutosh saying why was he making a bad omen by feeding her with steel spoon instead of silver spoon. Mayura scolds Omkar for being blinded by superstitions. Mayura says them that Agrima Devi has trapped them in her words to maintain her image and status. Mayura starts hyperventilating and feels pain. Doctor comes and says that Mayura is having labor pains and will be delivering baby. Ma manipulates Omkar to get the delivery done at home. Omkar insists on doing the same .

In the upcoming episodes we will see how Guru Ma’s evil motives affects not only Mayura and Omkar but their baby too. With Omkar having no sense of judgement, will he himself become cause of pain for his loved ones?

How will Mayura save her child from Guru Ma’s evil intentions?

Will Omkar and Mayura part ways once again?

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