Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Vishakha plans to harm both Omkar and Mayura?

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Colors tv show Pinjara is going through high voltage drama, on side Mayura’s marriage is fixed to Ishan and other side Omkar declares to marry Naina. How will they reunit under these circumstances?

In the previous episode Mayura warned Vishakha that once Omkar unites with her, they will together be the end of Vishakha. Mahesh comes there with security guards and sends Mayura to her room. Mahesh assured Vishakha that Mayura will marry Ishan. Naina offered Omkar tea and told it will make him feel better. Naina said she knows he doesn’t love her but rather likes Mayura a lot. She made a confession of her love to Omkar.

Naina told Omkar she has loved him from a long time and will keep loving even if he doesn’t love her back. She even agreed to marry him even though he cannot love her. Vishakha planned harm Mayura by sending her to London with Ishan and harm Omkar too.

Mayura came to Omkar’s house but got utterly shocked seeing Omkar and Naina having their tilak ceremony. Omkar asked her to leave and did not listen to her about their past connection. While leaving Mayura scribbled something of wall which she thought will remind Omkar certainly of the past.

What did Mayura write on the wall?

Will Omkar remember the past before its too late?

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