Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Weekly Update: Vishakha realizes both Omkar and Mayura are back.

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The episode starts with Doctor saying Mayura might have become unconscious due to fatigue and praises the one who advised to rub his feet with warm oil. Mahesh thinks about his business deal with Vishakha. Ishan thinks he should go and execute Mayura’s plan. Omkar wants to go and meet Mayura but Ishan insults him and then plays the videoclip where Mayura confessed all this was for revenge.
Mayura gains consciousness and also her memories of past birth. Mayura goes towards Omkar to hug him but he stops her and tells her he hates her the most in the world.

Mayura comes behind Omkar and tells him she has something important to tell him. But Omkar is reluctant to listen to anything and asks her to leave. He says he had actually started feeling there is connection between them. Mayura says there is actually a connection but Omkar tells her to stop her acting now. Mayura feels devastated too. Omkar asks Naina to forgive him and tells she was right about Mayura playing with his feelings. His mother asks what will Mayura get by hurting his feelings. Naina tells this is related to factory project and tells how she saw someone clicking pictures. Omkar’s mother asks him to promise her to stay away from Mayura.

Ishan praises Mayura’s plan and congratulates her for plan being successful. Mayura asks Ishan if his mother saw her. He denies and says she can meet next time. He tells Mayura got her best birthday gift. Mayura says she indeed got her best gift, her Omkar. She feels emotional recalling her past birth. Ishan is confused. He calls Omkar as cyclechhap and Mayura scolds Ishan and tells him to use Omkar’s name with respect. While at Omkar’s home his mother asks him to cut the day.

Mayura cuts her birthday cake and making a birthday wish that she should never separate from Omkar in this birth. She asks DM if she believes in rebirth, DM says she believes in it but why is Mayura asking about it. Mayura thinks Omkar also gets nightmares like her so if she explains him he will understand about their rebirth. Mayura goes to Omkar’s house to talk to him. Mayura sees fhs the chain with star pendant which Omkar gifted her and feels emotional. Ishan recalls how Mayura asked him to use Omkar’s name with respect and feels frustrated. Vishakha says she knew someone named Mayura who was very beautiful but Ishan says she cannot be more beautiful than his Mayura. But before Vishakha could see Mayura’s pic, she gets a call from Mahesh and leaves.

At Omkar’s home, Mayura comes and pleads him to listen to hear just once. After requesting a lot he agrees. She explains him about their incomplete love story in previous birth and then have finally met again to complete their story. She emotionally hugs him but Omkar pushes her away. At Mayura’s home she asks her father about Azaadnagar factory. He asks her not to interfere in business. Omkar comes there and argues with Mahesh about the set up of chemical factory. Omkar says he won’t allow them to set up that factory as it will be harm his mother and people in his locality. Mayura tells she will go to college and talk to Omkar as he might have misunderstood something. Mahesh shuts her up and says she won’t go anywhere. Naina gifts Sangemarmar from Jabalpur to Omkar. He recalls some past memories by seeing it.

Sachin offers money and luring the locality people to let him build the chemical factory on their land. Omkar comes there stops them. He makes them realise that money would be of no use if they are not healthy. Naina hands over file to Omkar. Omkar tells Sachin, neither he nor his father can set up factory here. He shows the stay order from court. Omkar’s mother feels unwell so he is taking her to doctor when he is about get shot by man sent by Mahesh. Mayura rushes and pushes him aside but he gets injured on the arm. Omkar’s mother asks her to stay away from Omkar.

On reaching hospital, Mayura asks doctor to treat Omkar immediately and tells that she has already arranged for O positive blood from the nearby blood bank. While Doctor treats Omkar, his mother questions Mayura how did she know about Omkar’s blood group. She lies about seeing that in form at college. Naina and Omkar’s mother ask her to leave. Mayura asks if they are her family or criminals. Mahesh scold her and tells her to stop sympathizing with Omkar.

Vishakha says its really difficult to get girl named Mayura. She asks Ishan to show her picture. While Ishan is about to show it, servant comes and mistakenly drops juice on his phone so Vishakha cannot see the pic. After Omkar gains consciousness he asks if Mayura arranged blood for him and recalls how she pushed to save him. Naina tells she must be acting but Omkar is confused. Later Mayura comes to meet Omkar disguised as nurse. Omkar recognizes her and removes her mask. She hugs him and cries badly. Omkar asks her to leave immediately. Omkar comes back home and tells that now that he is injured, those people will surely try to take advantage of the situation.

Mayura tells Dai Ma about her nightmares being connected to her past birth and tells Omkar is her love. Their love story remained incomplete in previous birth so they have come back. Dai Ma advises her to forget Omkar as her father will never accept him. Mayura denies and says she will do anything to complete her love story. Vishakha gets bewildered seeing Mayura’s photo in Ishan’s pic. She is utterly shocked as Mayura is alive. She recalls Manjiri’s words that Omkar and Mayura will come back. Omkar is sleeping and gets nightmare again and wakes up taking Mayura’s name. He finds Mayura standing infront of him. He gets up and hugs her. Mayura feels overwhelmed and asks if he remembered everything. Omkar pushes her away. Omkar’s mother comes there and asks Mayura to stay away from Omkar.

Mayura feels heartbroken seeing Omkar not believing her and leaves. Vishakha asks Ishan if Mayura is of same age as him. He agrees and she says she has some plan as he might be missing her. Mahesh informs Mayura that Ishan and his mother will be coming for lunch. He tells her to stay away from Azadnagar project and Omkar. Mayura thinks she has to face Vishakha but wonders if she can do it alone. Vishakha comes for lunch and asks about factory work. Ishan goes to bring Mayura from her room. Vishakha tells Sachin that stay order will be taken care of and he should start the work. At site, Sachin’s men start beating locality men. Omkar and Naina goes to site too. Sachin’s men snatches sword from Mayura and attack Omkar. But Mayura comes in between. Omkar gets hyper and starts beating them up. Naina sees this and gets shocked seeing Omkar losing control over himself. Sachin drags Mayura back to home. Mahesh scolds her and asks Bela to make sure Mayura doesn’t leave house anymore.

Omkar recalls the incident and thinks he should focus on his studies. He opens his book and finds an envelope. Mayura tells Dai Ma when she went to Omkar’s room, she left some clues about past so that he can remember everything. Omkar opens it and finds some pics of Jabalpur, Sangemarmar Sartaj and Goddess Narmada. He gets flashback of past and feels disturbed as he recalls what Mayura had said about rebirth. Meanwhile Vishakha plucks rose petals and thinks if Mayura is same as past or this is just a coincidence. Mayura sees shadow of someone passing by her room and gets scared. Its Omkar who had come there. He says he came to return the envelope. Omkar tells her to stop repeating and he doesn’t believe in all this. He sees her injury from sword and asks why she didn’t apply ointment and it may get infected. Mahesh and Sachin enter Mayura’s room and asks Omkar what is he doing there.

Bela locks Mayura’s room door from outside and recalls how they had already planned everything. Mahesh and Sachin are talking to Omkar in hall and Mayura gets shocked seeing police coming there. Mahesh alleges Omkar of attacking on Mayura and asks police to arrest him. Omkar denies the allegations but police doesn’t listen to him. Mayura feels helpless as she cannot come out of her room. At police station Omkar tries to explain his situation but policeman shows him a statement paper and tells its given by Mayura. He gets shocked. At home, Dai Ma tells Mahesh that Mayura never got the love she always wanted from him. He shouts at her and tells her to be in limits. Mahesh talks to Vishakha about chemical factory and she asks him about meeting Mayura.

In the upcoming week we will see how Vishakha and Omkar will come face to face and Omkar feels he has seen her before. To know what’s happening next, stay tuned to Pinjara on colors tv and Voot app.