Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Weekly Update: Mayura to make Omkar fall in love with her

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Weekly Update

Last week, Mayura made fun of Naina and Omkar as Naina gets accused of stealing the sunglasses. Manager says he need to call the police. Mayura recalls how she kept sunglasses in Naina’s purse. When Mayura passes by it, machine makes the beep sound. Mayura says the machine is not working and is about to leave. Mayura says she bought lots of things from the store however when her purse is checked an extra sunglasses is found which was not paid by her. Omkar mocks her for stealing inspite of being so rich. Mayura thinks she will get caught if cctv footage is checked so she signs manager to let Omkar go.

Omkar tells Mayura she can buy friends but not friendship. He tells that if she doesn’t change her attitude, soon there wil be no one else by her side. Mayura tells her friends that within two weeks she will make Omkar fall madly in love with her and then break his heart. Mayura and Ishan make a plan to insult Omkar in party. At party, Ishan praises Mayura for looking stunning. Omkar and Mayura are stealing glances at each other. Omkar videocalls Naina and she praises he looks so handsome. She hopes Mayura doesn’t snatch Omkar from her. Later, Principal announces about rewarding Omkar with cash prize and calls him on stage to give speech.

Omkar is about to leave the party and suddenly Yeh Pagalpan Hai plays and he starts getting flashback of dancing with Mayura. He pulls Mayura on dance floor and they dance romantically as same is shown in parallels with the past. Ishan gets very angry and pulls out the wire to stop music. Omkar gets shocked as why he danced like that, he says sorry to Mayura and leaves. Ishan asks Mayura to go outside and execute the plan. As Omkar is outside he hears Mayura shouts for help. Ishan tells his friends that goons he had called didn’t come and wonders what Mayura is still doing outside. Mistakenly Mayura gets pushed and gets injured on head. Mayura faints and Omkar hugs her saying he cannot lose her again. Omkar quickly wraps his handkerchief on her head and hugs her. Mayura hugs him back. Principal and all the students gather there and ask about the matter. Ishan badmouths Omkar and says girls in college will not be safe if he studies here.

Ishan says but he saw only Omkar outside with Mayura. Mayura tells Omkar saved her from goons. Principal appreciates Omkar and everyone claps for him. Omkar is about to leave when Mayura stops him and kisses him on the cheek and says thank you. Mayura thinks how she was one who paid the goons and she will now trap Omkar in prison of her love.

Omkar is confused about the happening. He tells his friends that he has to go. Principal and leaves. Mayura sees Omkar coming and starts pretending to praise him which irks Ishan. Mayura smirks seeing Omkar heard their conversation. Ishan holds Mayura’s hand tightly which hurts her. She tells him he has no right to tell what she do and what not. Naina asks Omkar about the lipstick mark on his cheeks but he just avoids talking about it. Later Omkar asks his mother about his weird nightmares and the blurry images he keeps seeing. Mayura thinks she won’t let Omkar forget her.

Mayura gets ready for college and her sister in law praises her looks. She asks if she is going to meet someone. Mayura says yes she is going but why should she tell her. Mayura’s father and Sachin come there and scolds Mayura for talking in wrong way with her elders. He asks his daughter to law to teach Mayura manners like her. He asks Mayura about party and Ishan. Mayura says she don’t want to talk about him. Her father gets hyper and tells her go to ask Ishan for forgiveness. Mayura tells he don’t even know what had happened. Sachin makes excuses and tells her they are friends so they should not be angry with each other and advises her to solve her fight with Ishan. Mayura agrees.
Omkar comes to college with Naina as she has to go nearby doctor for taking appointment for her father.

Omkar sees reserved for Omkar board at parking. Mayura comes there. She says he saved her yesterday so she did this for him. Naina gets angry. Mayura asks Omkar if he is angry that she kissed him on cheeks. Naina tells Mayura that Omkar has habit of helping everyone and she isnt special. Mayura says but Omkar is special for her. Omkar tells her to stay away from him. In classroom, everyone laughs at Omkar. He sees cartoon sketch on blackboard of kissing incident. Mayura comes and says its so cute. Omkar rubs it off.

Mayura keeps trying to flirt with Omkar and writes her contact number on his palm while leaving the class. Mayura’s friends tells her that Omkar is different and won’t fall for her. She thinks then she will also do something different for him. Mayura tells Omkar that she likes him. She keeps on saying that she feels connection with him. She shows the OM mark on her palm and says it surely must have some reason. Omkar just looks at her confused. She says may be they are related to past birth. Omkar shuts her up and asks her to leave him alone. He says isnt interested in girls like her.

Omkar bluntly rejects her after all her pleas and leaves. All the students laugh at Mayura. She feels very angry.
At Mayura’s house, her Dai Ma goes to ask her father about her birthday celebration but her father gets call and leaves. Mayura’s sister in law tells Dai ma that they can just cook Mayura’s favourite food at home. She says they lost Mayura’s mother on same day and don’t need to celebrate grandly.

Ishan confronts Mayura and asks her what is going on. Mayura explains him how Omkar had said no one will want to stay with Mayura so she wants to make Omkar fall in her love and then break his heart. She asks Ishan to help her. Ishan agrees. While at Omkar’s home, Naina informs Omkar that his mother is a little sick. Naina scolds Omkar for being careless and not receiving his mother’s calls. Omkar feels very guilty and thinks because of Mayura for the first time he didn’t receive his mother’s call . Naina asks him where his attention was. Later he feeds his mother and they share emotional moment. Omkar makes fun of Naina saying she speaks a lot and will fill up the house with her voice. They start bickering and have pillow fight.

Mayura and Ishan are looking into Omkar’s house. Mayura says that Omkar likes simple girls like Naina and got afraid of her proposal as she is out of his reach. Ishan asks if she going to change herself into girls like Naina to impress Omkar. Mayura says they need to go for therapy. Omkar thanks Naina for taking care of his mother. Later Omkar’s mother asks him not to waste his time and go to college next day.

Omkar comes to college and his friends teasing him about Mayura. Mayura on other hand, gets ready in simple suit and comes to Omkar’s home. She introduces herself as a good friend of Omkar to his mother. Mayura talks sweetly and tells she heard that she is unwell so she came to take care of her. Mayura sees a photoframe with photo of Omkar and his mother, she asks about Omkar’s father. Omkar’s mother informs that he died when Omkar was born and thats why Omkar has been taking care of her needs. Dai ma asks about birthday celebration for Mayura but her father denies. Then he thinks of something and says there must be celebration. He wants to use Ishan and Mayura’s relationship as a bait for business deal.

Omkar calls his mother but she didn’t receive it so he gets worried and thinks to go back home immediately. At Omkar’s home, Mayura enters kitchen and cannot even light up the gas stove. She calls her Dai Ma and says her friend is sick and she has to cook something. Dai Ma suggests that she will cook something and send to her friend’s address. Omkar’s mother comes there and asks if she knows to cook.Mayura tells her mother died when she was born. Omkar’s mother hugs her and she feels emotional. She tells her to teach her to make tea. Omkar comes there and gets shocked seeing Mayura. He scolds her and tells her to leave.

In the upcoming episodes we will how Mayura keeps trying to win Omkar’s heart in different ways! Stay tuned to further episodes of Pinjara on colors tv and voot app.