Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Weekly Update: A beautiful end to Omkar and Mayura’s love story.

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Naina’s haldi ceremony starts. Mayura says she will keep waiting for her Omkar. Omkar and Naina have a hearty talk. Omkar receives text from Mayura to visit Jabalpur soon. Omkar’s mother asks him to sit for haldi ritual. One guy amongst the guest asks Omkar if he has been to Jabalpur as he had seen his photograph there. Omkar denies. Man says he might have been mistaken. After the ritual is done, Omkar’s mother gives him knife and tells it will cut off all evil eyes from them. But accidentally Omkar’s palm gets a cut, which makes him recall how he had cut his palm in the past for Mayura.

Omkar’s mother gives him his sherwani and tries to make him understand that Naina is the best for him. She tells him that even Mayura is getting married so he should forget her. Omkar just nods in agreement. Later Omkar thinks he needs a sign to confirm if he is doing right or not. He hears passersby chatting name of Goddess Narmada. Omkar’s mother comes to his room to give something, but finds his sherwani on bed with note that he is leaving and cannot get married unless he finds out his own identity. She feels distressed.

At Mayura’s home, Vishakha smirks at Mayura and tells her that she has heard from Ishan Mayura dances very well. Mayura says she will surely dance but only for her Omkar. While on other hand Omkar comes to Jabalpur. A pedestrian asks him address of certain place and he says it. Omkar gets confused thinking how did he know the address when he has himself come to Jabalpur for first time and hopes he gave the correct address. He sees Sangemarmar Sartaj name board on the factory and starts getting flashbacks.

Vishakha’s men are keeping an eye on Omkar and informs her about Omkar being there in Jabalpur. She asks them to kill him. An old man sees Omkar and runs away saying its not possible. Omkar sees his past birth picture hanging on wall with garland on it. He gets shocked. He further visits Mayura’s and his home in past birth and gets lots of memories which make him feel stressed and he faints. Mayura keeps dancing and faints too. Vishakha’s men are about to harm Omkar but group of old men recognizes Omkar as Sartaj and thinks to help him. Mayura tries to call Omkar but cannot talk to him so she calls his mother. She scolds Mayura and tells that because of her Omkar has run away from his marriage and asks her to stay away from him. Mayura gets worried and thinks where did Omkar go. Naina’s mother asks Omkar’s mother if its true that Omkar has gone somewhere and curses them for hurting Naina and ruining her life. Naina comes there in simple clothes and tells its not Omkar’s fault. He had texted her before leaving.

Naina tells it was always Mayura for him and it was their mistake to force him to get married to Naina. Omkar’s mother wishes Naina should get a partner who loves her a lot. Vishakha barges in Mayura’s room and takes her phone away. She hugs Mayura forcefully and tells her that Omkar is in Jabalpur and won’t return back from there. At Jabalpur, Omkar gains consciousness and also recalls his past. He sees group of old men who saved him. They address him as Sartaj. Omkar says he cannot rest until he punishes Vishakha and he needs to go to Mayura asap.

Dai Ma asks Mahesh if she can take food for Mayura but he denies. But when Ishan insists, he allows DM and Bela to go and give food to Mayura. Mayura denies eating anything. Dai Ma tries to sign her about the food plate and says she cannot help her much but can just bring food for her. After Bela and DM leaves, Mayura finds phone kept inside the chapati in the plate. She gets very happy and immediately contacts Omkar.

Omkar and Mayura have an emotional conversation and Omkar asks her to take care till he comes there. Mayura informs him about Vishakha’s goons following him. Omkar gets shot and Mayura gets heartbroken seeing that on videocall. Vishakha tells Ishan to go to car and she will come after meeting Mayura. Vishakha comes to Mayura’s room and sees her sitting distraught on the floor. She tells him that she had thought she will give her news herself but seems Mayura already knows it. Vishakha insists of getting the rituals done asap. Omkar’s mother and Naina comes to Mayura’s house. Vishakha tries to change the topic and leave from there before getting caught.

Naina and Omkar’s mother warns Sachin and Mahesh. Later Sachin asks Mahesh if he did something, he denies. Omkar is lying unconscious, Vishakha’s men think to remove his dead body but some priests passing by sees him. One of them checks and realizes Omkar is still alive. Omkar wakes up and calls Mayura. Vishakha asks Mahesh to get marriage done immediately.

Omkar says the priest that he needs to go and they bless him that his work should get successful as his eyes are reflecting passion and prayers of years. Omkar sees a van carrying some furnitures to be delivered to Bhopal and gets up in it. Mayura gets ready as a bride but hopes Omkar comes on time. She calls the priest and misleads him about marriage timing. Vishakha asks Mahesh about priest. Sachin calls and gets to know that someone had told him that marriage is at night.

Vishakha asks priest to do rituals hurriedly. Priest tells that the wooden log are wet and it won’t catch fire. Mayura recalls how she had dropped water on them. However Bela tells that there are logs from last year havan. Mayura feels helpless and Ishan forces her to do the rituals. Mayura asks Ishan to stop before Omkar comes but he forces her to do rounds. Mayura feels presence of Omkar. Omkar kicks the goons and enters her house. Omkar tells him to see how much Mayura cares for him. Mayura tries to explain Mahesh that she cannot live without Omkar. Vishakha hits Omkar with flower vase from back. Omkar falls unconscious and Mahesh’s men locks him up in the room. Vishakha tells she had to do it and asks them to continue marriage rituals immediately. Ishan forces Mayura to take marriage rounds with him but during rounds, Mayura faints. Vishakha on other hand asks Mahesh that marriage should happen. Mahesh tells that they should postpone it as Mayura is not well. Vishakha threatens him to destroy his whole business and political career if the marriage isnt done. Mahesh wonders why Vishakha is hurrying for the marriage. Vishakha tells him to pick her up in arms and do the rounds.

When they reach room, Dai Ma is tied on the chair and she says Mayura tied her and ran away from window. Everyone goes outside. Mayura comes out and says now everyone will search her outside and she will go and meet her Omkar. Vishakha tells them that she is sure Mayura won’t run away leaving Mayura and asks Mahesh to increase security outside his room. Mayura sees guards outside room where unconscious Omkar was kept. She thinks of a plan and lights up fire which makes the fire alarm of whole house ring up.

Mayura enters Omkar’s room and hugs him. They share an emotional moment. Omkar’s mother gets a call and tells Naina that Omkar has been kidnapped by Mahesh and kept at his home. Its revealed Vishakha had planned it all. Omkar and Mayura are leaving house when Vishakha stops them and ask if they will leave without saying goodbye. Her men bring Naina and Omkar’s mother. Vishakha confesses her crimes and tells about her past birth. She asks her men to tie up Mayura’s family too. Ishan asks her what is she doing
Vishakha tells that they are in same situation as 20 years before. Omkar’s mother asks him what is she saying. Vishakha tells about Mayura and Omkar’s rebirth. Vishakha tells about how she had killed Omkar and Mayura in previous birth because her brother died due to Omkar and Mayura loved him. Vishakha calls a sword fighter Rakha and tells Mayura to have a match with him. Mayura starts fighting and while Vishakha is distracted watching them, Omkar stealthily goes from there. Its revealed Omkar had replaced Rakha by hitting him with the vase. Omkar quietly starts unties everyone’s hands but Vishakha recognizes him. Omkar and Mayura share emotional moment with their family members. Vishakha points gun at Omkar but he throws it away using his sword. Mayura points sword at Ishan. Omkar tells Vishakha to free all the family members or else she will lose her son.

Vishakha pleads them to leave Ishan and tells her men to free everyone. Mayura tells they are not evil like her. Vishakha pushes Mayura and holds sword against her neck and again ties up everyone. She tells this is the time to end them once again and takes both Omkar and Mayura along. Police arrives there and Vishakha starts her acting, she says Mahesh is threatening her and has also killed his daughter and her lover. She tells police to come with her and she will show them the dead bodies.

Vishakha brings them to room and says dead bodies are here but gets shocked seeing there is none. Omkar and Mayura come out alive and its revealed Ishan had helped to untie Mayura’s hands earlier. Mayura and Omkar tells police that its Vishakha who had tried to kill them. Omkar shows the recording of Vishakha’s confession in phone which he had dropped in Naina’s purse while talking to her. All the family members share an emotional moment and Bela suggests Omkar and Mayura to get married. Mayura and Omkar get married and recall all their memories. The beautiful story of Omkar and Mayura ends.