Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: What will Mayura do to save Omkar now?

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Colors tv popular show Pinjara is witnessing high voltage drama as Omkar is shown falling for Raghav’s trap! Even though Omkar has decided to surrender but Raghav has different plans.

In the previous episode Omkar escaped from police station to save Mayura. When informed that Omkar had escaped from police station, judge announced life time imprisonment for him. Omkar went to bungalow and said he needs to find Mayura.

He asked Megha to give him the phone no with which they got call for ransom. Mayura was shown tied up on a chair. Raghav looked on from outside behaved like psycho and said no one can love her more than him. Pandey comes at bungalow and asked constables to search the whole house.

Omkar disguised as rag picker and left from there without getting recognized. Raghav came there and acts by saying Omkar must have been worried for his wife.

Sanjay fell for his words and told him Omkar is tracing the phone no which was used to call for ransom. Mayura somehow freed herself. Omkar met a man who gave him location of the call traced.

Mayura comes outside but couldn’t run further as area was surrounded by high walls.

Omkar came there and fought with goons. them up. Omkar said if he didn’t come to save her that would be bigger punishment for him.

He hugged Mayura and told he will surrender to police. While Raghav instructed Pandey to shoot Omkar on spot. In the upcoming episodes we will see if Omkar will really get shot or will be saved by Mayura.

Whats Raghav’s planning next to get closer to Mayura?

Will Raghav win Mayura’s trust with his evil plans and tricks?

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