Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Who is the mastermind behind Tara’s kidnapping?

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With constant ups and downs in Mayura’s life and her plans constantly failing, will she be able to keep Tara to herself? Its interesting to see what new fold will their lives take now.

In the previous episode starts Manjiri shouting at Nayan for taking too long in kitchen. However Nayan comes up with excuse of making cake. Shankar gets emotional seeing Tara and says he wants to live all these moments.

Omkar brings Tara to hospital. Mayura calls Dr Khanna and asks him to let her talk to Tara. Once Omkar leaves the chamber, Dr makes Tara talk to Mayura who explains her hide and seek game. Doctor’s assistant hide Tara under the trolley and takes her out.
Omkar sees Tara’s doll and stops the assistant but doesn’t see Tara. Omkar gets hyper and charges doctor when he knows Tara is missing.

Mayura tells doctor that Tara still didn’t come to her. Omkar brings police men with him and tries to find Tara. Police asks Omkar to go back home and kidnappers will surely call for ransom. Manjiri blames Nayan so Omkar calls her. Mayura tells Omkar that she is at his home and Tara isn’t here.

Police says they will place call tracer. Omkar asks Nayan if Tara told her about any place she wants to go to. A lady calls Omkar and asks for 50 lakhs as ransom. Mayura remembers Megha’s words and thinks its done by her.

In the upcoming episodes it would be interesting to see how Mayura finds out if Megha is really the culprit or not. And how will Omkar react knowing Megha had kidnapped Tara.

Did Megha really kidnap Tara?

Will Mayura be able to keep Tara safe?

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