Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Who will save Omkar?

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Colors tv show Pinjara is witnessing the major turns as Omkar has regained all the memories from past. While on the other hand Vishakha has threatened Mayura to kill both Omkar and Mayura.

In the previous episode Mayura woke up worried for Omkar’s safety. She called his mother and came to know that Omkar has left from his marriage. Vishakha barged in Mayura’s room and took her phone and told her that Omkar was in Jabalpur and won’t return back from there. At Jabalpur, Omkar gained consciousness and also recalled his past. DM stealthily gave Mayura phone kept inside the chapati in the plate. She got very happy and immediately contacted Omkar.

Omkar and Mayura had an emotional conversation. Mayura informed him about Vishakha’s goons following him
Vishakha provoked Mahesh and asks him to get marriage preponed. Omkar got shot and Mayura felt heartbroken seeing that on videocall. Vishakha got a text from her men that Omkar is dead. Vishakha told Ishan to go to car and she will come after meeting Mayura. Vishakha came to Mayura’s room and found her sitting distraught on the floor. She told her that she had thought she will give her news herself but seems Mayura already knows it. Mayura said Omkar cannot die till Mayura is alive.

How will Mayura and Omkar meet again?

Who will act as the joining bridge for Mayura and Omkar’s incomplete love story?

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