Pinjara Khubsurti ka: Will Maurya realize Omkar is lying?

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The daily popular show Pinjara has been gaining attention of viewers with the interesting storyline, while both Vishakha and Omkar are trying to fool Mayura for their own reasons, amidst all will Mayura be able to meet her Tara?

In the previous episode Vishakha thought why was Omkar lying. He said he has sent Tara to London for treatment. Omkar promised to let her talk to Tara next day. Its revealed Megha and Shankar are with Omkar in his plan and know that he isn’t blind. Vishakha tried to instigate Mayura against Omkar and tells her that he is acting.

Vishakha and Mayura came to Omkar and asked him to do videocall to Tara. He says right now Tara has appointment with Dr. so she cannot talk to Mayura but she has sent a video for her. Mayura saw video clip of Tara. Omkar said once everything is sorted he will try to get his family back. Vishakha saw Omkar walking in the garden and tells Mayura she will attack Omkar with a brick and if he defends it. Vishakha said Mayura to see Omkar isnt blind. Mayura told her to see that Omkar didn’t bend because of brick but as his foot was pricked by thorn. Vishakha said that she wants Omkar and Shankar to stay in bungalow with them.

In the upcoming episodes we will see what’s Vishakha’s motive behind asking Omkar to stay at bungalow. In the chase game of Omkar and Vishakha will Mayura end up getting hurt the most?

How will Mayura feel knowing Vishakha helped her just to take revenge from Omkar?

Will Vishakha be able to prove Omkar is not blind?

To know more stay tuned to further episode of Pinjara on colors tv and Voot app.